Miracles: The Relationship Solution [Viburnum Shrub ‘Mohican’]

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Shift the perceptions that underlie your relationship challenges. Discover Soul-based solutions and transform interpersonal dynamics through Unconditional Love. Receive a relationship miracle when you require one.

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Expanded Purpose Statement

Miracles supports the unfoldment of Soul-based solutions to relationship challenges and the transformation of interpersonal dynamics through Unconditional Love. It assists you to look within yourself for the source of your experience of separation in your relationships. It facilitates the healing of your relationships through spiritual growth. Miracles is useful in addressing both momentary and long-term relationship challenges. It is especially supportive when you require a relationship miracle.


I honor, love and respect myself. I choose to align my relationships with my Soul and allow only loving relationships in my life. I discover Soul-based solutions to my relationship challenges and transform interpersonal dynamics through Unconditional Love. I do the spiritual healing required to shift my relationships. I receive a relationship miracle when I require one.

General Dosage Instructions

Take a minimum of one drop of the flower essence on or under the tongue in the morning and/or before bedtime daily. If you are taking more than one flower essence, take them consecutively (one after another) not simultaneously, e.g., together on a spoon. For greater support, increase the dosage and/or frequency.

Specific Application & Dosage Instructions

Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) of Miracles daily to heal and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) up to three times daily for spiritual support with a specific relationship challenge until it is transformed.

Suggested Application Methods

When taking the flower essence, say the name of the flower essence and flower. To participate more fully in the activation of consciousness catalyzed and supported by the flower essence, say its corresponding affirmation. Alternatively, create a personal affirmation that corresponds with the purpose of the flower essence.

Maintaining Your Flower Essences

The flower essences have an indefinite shelf life if kept out of direct sunlight and/or excessive heat or cold. To maintain their purity, avoid touching the dropper, e.g., with hand, tongue. If contamination does occur, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.


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