The Year of New Horizons
(September 22, 2018 to September 23, 2019)

Experience the Crescendo of
the Symphony of Your Soul

Session 8
10 Million Multiplier August 4, 2019

This activation is intended for today’s 10 Million Multiplier. If by some chance, you miss the date, please listen to it when you are able. You will still receive something special in support of your sacred journey.

This activation is really beautiful. It is full of joy and celebration as Nature and Spirit applaud the fruits of our efforts over the last year. And still they support us to carry on with the work at hand – the work of transcendence – all the while opening to the abundance of summer – the summer of the Soul.

There is only one gift worthy of the Soul and that is the gift of complete and total dedication to our spiritual growth. The Soul is the God and Goddess within. It is your Holy Self. Your life is meant to be an altar to your Soul before which you venerate. Yes, you are here to live in reverence … to your Self – the same Self that infuses all life.

Today’s message opens you to the receptivity of the Soul through which you release all grievances towards yourself and allow the Great Life of which you dream to emerge.

It’s a powerful message and I encourage you to find the worthiness to receive it.

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Have a Beautiful Day!

All Love All Ways,

Founder and President
La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences