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Powerful Spiritual Activation for Today’s 10 Million Multiplier
Monday, July 16, 2018

Today is Chökhor Düchen, one of the four festivals celebrating the life of the Buddha. On this day when the energies are multiplied 10 Million times, I am calling you into an expanded field of influence as a Warrior of Love.

This is Session 8 in my Accelerated Spiritual Growth® Program for Women – the final session for this Nature Year, which began at the Autumnal Equinox September 22, 2017.

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Session 8: Monday, July 16th
Chökhor Düchen

The separation of immigrant children from their parents has touched all our hearts. I asked the Ascended Masters what we can do on a metaphysical level to support this suffering to come to an expeditious end. The guidance is profound.

In the spiritual activation below…

  • You will be activated to heal an experience that is inhibiting you from moving to your next level of authentic expression and higher purpose – an activation to support you to play an expanded role in transforming humanity.
  • We will combine our collective energy fields to support the unification of the immigrant children with their parents.
  • We will work on the metaphysical level, using the power of unconditional love, to heal the underlying cause of this crisis.

In step one, we are moving more fully into experiencing and expressing unconditional love. In the second and third steps, we are externalizing our Souls through unconditional love.

Today, we celebrate the Buddha’s teaching of the Four Noble Truths – his first teaching after his enlightenment. What a perfect day to move into an expanded role of service.

On this 10 Million Multiplier, I invite you to join me for this spiritual activation… open your heart more full and tune into the amplified energy of the day to receive the guidance being offered in support of accelerating the externalization of your Soul…

Happy 10 Million Multiplier! May you experience and express your Soul in every moment.

All Love All Ways,




Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.
Founder and President
La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences