I closed my heart so I could feel safe
And trembled in fear
I opened my heart
And found shelter in the safety of my Soul
– Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte


March 2nd is Chötrul Düchen on the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar and the energy is multiplied 10 million times. The magnified spiritual energy available on this day is the gift of the Buddha. While I am not a practicing Buddhist, I deeply respect the Buddhist tradition and understand the power inherent on these auspicious occasions of celebration and honoring.

The message I channelled for this powerful day is important and hard-hitting. It will challenge you to open your heart center more fully. If you accept the challenge, you will experience a great evolutionary leap between now and the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. The time for spiritual acceleration is now as we prepare for the tidal wave of energy that will become available with Spring 2018.

If you want your life to change in any meaningful way, you must change. The message from Spirit in the video will catalyze the changes to which your Soul is calling you. Implementing the guidance provided will continue the change process for 18 days -March 2nd through March 20th – at which point, you will experience a breakthrough.

Spiritual Activation for the 10 Million Multiplier

Today’s gift from Spirit is the acceleration of the healing of your heart center. Unconditional love of self and others is a dormant potential for most people – a potential that was deactivated in traumatic experiences in our early days on Earth. The work of this 10 Million Multiplier is the reactivation of our potential to love unconditionally. You will be supported to release one primary aspect of your ego-personality that is outside the field of unconditional love.

Listen to this message on the day of 10 Million Multiplier to receive the amplified spiritual activation.

You are being called to open yourself to new awarenesses about how your ego-personality subverts your ability to live with a fully-opened heart center and to heal what is revealed. The mirror of your Soul is being placed before you.



Today’s message is about unconditional love. Unconditional love is the essence of your Soul. Your Soul’s embrace of you in unconditional love is eternal. It’s time to fully open to this embrace… and to surrender to the love that you are.
I am sharing a beautiful piece of music created by Honey Rain using the words of Marguerite Porete, a French mystic who lived in the Middle Ages. Like so many of those who live in love, she was persecuted. When will we recognize the appearance of love in our lives? When we will make the Soul our only home? Marguerite, through Honey Rain, echoes the eternal call of our Soul’s to return to love.

Have a beautiful, powerful day!
All Love All Ways,