Friday, November 10 is a power day, a 10 Million Multiplier called Lha Bab Düchen on the Tibetan Buddhist calendar. Lha Bab Düchen is one of the four major Buddhist festivals honoring milestones in the life of the Buddha. It celebrates Buddha’s descent from the heavens after teaching there for three months. This act of compassion for humanity is a demonstration of the selfless service of true enlightened beings.

On this day, the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied 10 million times.

Even though I am not a practicing Buddhist, I feel a deep affinity with the Buddha’s teachings and recognize the Buddha as a Master Teacher of Enlightenment. I honor the Buddha on these four festivals and use the heightened energy of these days to provide guidance to accelerate our spiritual growth.

I invite you to join me for a meditation to support you to achieve your highest unfoldment in this Nature Year: The Year of the Externalization of the Soul…

I am also sharing an empowered prayer I wrote to use on this auspicious occasion and anytime afterward.

Download the Declaration here

And in honor of the women reading this email, I am sharing a poem I wrote:

Happy Holy Day!

All Love All Ways,