Nature’s Healing Remedies

by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte


Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte, Founder and President of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences

Flower essences are one of Nature’s most potent healing remedies, a profound form of energy medicine. They are natural healing agents that work in the subtle energy system of the human body. They have long been part of the traditions of Earth-based and Shamanic healing. From Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the Aborigines of Australia, civilizations around the world have revered the power of flowers and used flower remedies for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Paracelsus, the 15th century botanist and physician, wrote specifically about collecting dew from flowering plants, diluting it, and using the liquid to treat imbalances in his patients. Dr. Edward Bach, a British pathologist and bacteriologist, introduced flower essences in modern times. He discovered a correlation between emotional issues and illness and turned to nature in a quest to discover how to treat the person rather than the illness. In 1928, he developed the first of his flower remedies.

Awakening Sensitivity - Tulip 'Greenwave'

This Tulip ‘Greenwave’ makes our flower essence Awakening Sensitivity

In recent times, this ancient modality has experienced a significant evolution, becoming one of the most potent forms of natural healing available to assist us in meeting the unique challenges of our times. As the speed of change escalates and our individual and collective challenges intensify, it is time to allow Nature to guide us to solutions to our most perplexing problems.

I founded La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences to provide solutions at a level that has not previously existed, assisting us to address both longstanding and new challenges. Our flower essences hold new patterns of higher consciousness. They support our development into more evolved, spiritually mature, and vital human beings.

How Are La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences Made?

To make a specific flower essence, I select the related flower from the La Vie de la Rose garden when it is at the peak of blooming and its life energy is at the highest point. I remove the petals and immerse them in purified water. I use a unique process I developed to transfer the healing pattern of the flower into the water. After sitting in the sun for several hours, the solution is stabilized with a preservative (usually brandy or vinegar). A small amount of this concentrated stock solution, called Mother Tincture, is subsequently used to create individual dosage bottles.

flowers in bowl

Petals of Magnolia Tree ‘Lennei’ becoming our flower essence Angel Wings: The Prayer Solution

How Are La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences Taken?

Our flower essences are generally taken orally (on or under the tongue). For infants, they may be applied on the forehead and for young children, given in a small amount of water.

The recommended daily dosage is one drop in the morning and one drop before bedtime. For greater support, take the flower essences in the afternoon as well. You can also increase the dosage from one drop to one dropperful (approximately 10-12 drops).

To have their intended effect, the flower essences must be taken daily over an extended period of time. While you might notice immediate shifts, the longer you take flower essences, the deeper and more profound their effects will be.

When you take a flower essence, say its name, take the dosage, and then say the affirmation provided. You may also create a personal affirmation that corresponds with the purpose of the flower essence.

To use multiple flower essences, take each flower essence consecutively, not all together.

Note: You may drink and eat before and/or after taking flower essences.


This is Jerry. He is eight years old and takes The Balanced Child Solutions every day.

How Long Do La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences Last?

Our essences last indefinitely unless contaminated. To maintain purity of the flower essences, avoid touching the dropper (with hand, tongue, etc.). If contamination does occur, rinse the dropper under water before returning it to the bottle. Also, avoid exposing the flower essences to temperatures higher than 27°C/80°F and lower than -18°C/0°F.

How Do La Vie de la Rose Flowers Essences Work?

When you take flower essences, the healing patterns of the flowers enters your subtle energy system. Over time, you experience inner changes that correspond with the healing patterns of the flowers. These inner changes support you to transform your daily life in positive and productive ways.

Flower essences have an effect on your subtle energy system every time you take them. Yet, to experience the full effect of flower essences, they have to be taken daily over time. The cumulative effect catalyzes and supports ever deepening transformation and more pervasive changes throughout your life.IMG_2492

Noticing the Effects of Flower Essences

Some people notice the effects of flower essences more than others. Your level of sensitivity affects your ability to perceive the effects of flower essences. Adopting healthier eating practices and increasing the time you spend in spiritual practice (e.g., meditation, yoga) will increase your sensitivity.

Also, to become aware of the effects of flower essences, it is important to familiarize yourself with their healing properties. Saying the corresponding affirmations when you take flower essences reminds you of their healing purposes. It also supports you to deepen your healing experience. Keeping a journal in which you record your feelings, thoughts, and life events while you take flower essences will assist you to notice how things are changing for you. Joining a support group of other flower essence users is also useful. As you hear others’ stories, you expand your awareness of the potential effects of flower essences.


A woman was taking some of our flower essences for several months when I asked her what changes she had noticed. She said she had not noticed anything. Then I talked to her about what was happening in her life. She had quit her job, started a business, and separated from her husband of 30 years, telling him she would not come back home until he quit drinking. She had no idea that such changes, which she had wanted to make for so long, were related to her use of the flower essences.

La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences vs Allopathy

“Nature’s Medicinals (flower essences) immense and rapidly growing appeal stems from the fact that they are fundamentally different from conventional drugs. Instead of disrupting or diverting the chemistry of metabolism, they convey complex informational patterns directly from nature. These patterns trigger a kind of physiological and psychological reorganization that brings you more into synchrony with the flux and flow of the larger gestalt of which you are a part. This is healing into harmony with nature. Though gentle in their action, such remedies can have an impact that is profound and curative in a way that you may not have imagined. (Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Radical Healing, (New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999)

Finding Liberation

This Rose ‘Mount Shasta’ makes our flower essence Finding Liberation.

Our flower essences and allopathic medicine serve completely different purposes. Allopathic medicine alleviates symptoms whereas La Vie de la Rose flower essences support you to heal at the level of causation within your consciousness.

A woman was experiencing a long-standing depression for which she was taking medication. She began taking our flower essences to support her in addressing the underlying cause of the depression. After a time, she emailed me to say she felt more depressed now than before she took the flower essences. “Ah,” I said, “You are not more depressed, you are simply more aware of your existing depression.” The flower essences were supporting the emergence of greater self-awareness and sensitivity. This was necessary for her to understand the depression and make some important life changes. I encouraged her to continue taking the flower essences. A year later, I saw her, 60 pounds lighter, with a smile on her face. “I left the abusive relationship I was in,” she reported. “And I have never felt better.” The flower essences didn’t make these life changes for this woman; they supported her in making them.

Our flower essences are not a quick fix or instant solution. They are a catalyst and support for a process of inner healing which liberates you to create your life anew.

Healing on the Metaphysical Level

Historically, flower essences have worked on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Our flower essences work uniquely on the metaphysical level – the level of causation. Working at the metaphysical level allows you to achieve authentic resolution and ultimate transcendence of your challenges.

The level of causation exists beyond the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The level of causation is the level of pure consciousness. This is the level from which our Karma is carried from one life to the next. Changes that occur at the level of causation translate to all other levels; therefore, working at the metaphysical level is comprehensive. Also, working at this level allows us to reach final resolution of the past because at this level – and only at this level – can we erase the effects of the past from our consciousness. All imbalances have a metaphysical cause, i.e., their root cause lies beyond the physical and is found in our consciousness. The only way we can truly heal anything is to work at the metaphysical level.

Because our flower essences work on the metaphysical level, they accelerate our spiritual growth. Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ is a new concept reflecting an opportunity previously unavailable to humanity—the opportunity to significantly quicken the evolution of our consciousness.IMG_2490

What is Accelerated Spiritual Growth?

Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ is the Spiritual Development Process
whereby we accomplish the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime
that would ordinarily be experienced over many.

Spiritual growth is the process through which consciousness evolves. As we ascend the ladder of consciousness, we also transcend our current limiting and painful experiences. We liberate ourselves from the past and shift from experiences of disempowerment, lack, limitation, pain, struggle, and suffering to experiences of empowerment, harmony, joy, love, peace, and purpose.

Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” To achieve lasting solutions to our personal and global challenges, we must raise our level of conscious above the level of consciousness at which these challenges were created.

In his book Power vs. Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins states, “Consciousness itself…evolves slowly, over innumerable generations.” He says that in a lifetime, the average person advances five points on his 1000-point “map of consciousness,” where 700-1000 represents the range associated with enlightenment. He further explains, “Nonetheless, it is possible for isolated individuals to make sudden positive jumps, even of hundreds of points.”

Now, everyone can transcend the incremental growth of the past in favor of the rapid expansion of consciousness. This is a profound breakthrough in human spiritual development.

The Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose


Kuan Yin statue in the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose

Our organic garden is located on approximately 2,000 square meters of land, spanning four adjacent historic properties. A few years ago, we invited a local nursery owner to the property. She was amazed to see how different life in our garden was from the surrounding area. Our plants are bigger and bloom for longer periods than the norm. She said we had created a unique microenvironment. The result of this unique microenvironment is the cultivation of the energetically evolved flowers from which we make our flower essences. There are many factors that have contributed the creation of this microenvironment. The garden and plants are brought to their highest health and vitality using specific energetic and physical processes. The land on which the garden is located was consecrated as a Spiritual Light Center more than 26 years ago. The garden is graced with sacred objects from around the world, many of which are hundreds of years old. We consciously select plants, supporting each plant to evolve into its highest expression. We use esoteric numerology and sacred geometry in the construction of garden beds and pathways.

How La Vie de Rose Was Born

Despite the ongoing trauma of repeated childhood sexual abuse by my father, I excelled at school, graduating with a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto in 1982. After graduating, I obtained a prestigious and well-paying job. This external success could only mask the deep pain I was experiencing for so long. In 1986, I made a conscious decision to leave my job and emotionally abusive husband. This marked the beginning of my healing journey. I entered therapy and, shortly thereafter, began my professional training as a counselor.

After five years of therapy, my therapist, a leading specialist in sexual abuse, told me, “I don’t know if you can come back from so much trauma.” I refused to accept a lifetime of limitation. That night, I prayed, “Teach me to heal and I will teach the world what I learn.” From that moment forward, I began to study every alternative healing modality I could find. I was determined to heal! As my life transformed, I started my professional practice, sharing what I learned and supporting others.


Rose ‘Marie Curie’ in the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose makes our flower essence Purification of the Heart

Fast forward to the late 1990s, when I moved from Canada to the United States to join my partner, Jonathan, who owned two adjacent properties in an urban center in Michigan. One of these properties was home to a beautiful, organic garden that Jonathan’s previous partner had created. I started a private practice and abused women flocked to me for counseling. There came a point when I intuited that there was a way to address our personal wounds unlike anything I had learned to date. My private practice became a living lab. I stopped relying on what I had learned and opened to a completely new way of addressing personal challenges. Ultimately, this exploration led me to create an integrated Nature-based healing system to accelerate our path to empowerment and wholeness – a system that catalyzes and supports Accelerated Spiritual Growth™. This system became the basis for my Ph.D. in therapeutic and spiritual counseling.

The flower essences of La Vie de la Rose Flower are the cornerstone of this new system for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™. I was born and raised in the largest city in Canada. How did a city girl end up founding and running a flower essence company?

I had been using flower essences personally since the beginning of my healing journey and professionally since my early days as a counselor. The first spring I was in the United States, Debra, who was tending our garden, asked me if I had ever made flower essences, which I had not. Following her instructions, I dipped lilac blossoms from a lilac bush that was over 100 years old into a cup of water. “Ask Nature to make the flower essence,” she advised. I made the request and as Nature released the essence of the blossoms into the water, I felt the power of creation course through my body. At the moment the process was complete, a butterfly landed on the branch in front of me and I understood the power of Nature in a new way. After that, I read all I could find on making flower essences. I developed my own production process and started using the flower essences I made personally and in my work.

In December 2005, a major part of the work in which I had been engaged reached completion and I petitioned Spirit for a new Soul contract. I lay on a beautiful rose rug in front of the fireplace in my home and asked for a new form of work. That night I dreamt that I was gazing at a pregnant woman. When I looked closely at her belly I was able to see the fetus. I said out loud in the dream, “I am witnessing the Soul love that exists between mother and child.” I am crying and say, “To experience this love fully I must expand my Heart Center.” I take deep breaths in the dream to assist me in being fully present to this love. I was the pregnant woman and the Garden of Love and La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences was my unborn child.

All winter long I read books about roses and carefully selected those to order for our garden. Early in May the first of the roses I ordered arrived in a box on our front porch. I quickly removed the roses from the box. They were in planted in tiny green plastic pots and covered in plastic wrap. I chose one plant, unwrapped it, and beheld a tiny rose, about 1½“ in diameter. I cried as I had in the dream, full of love for this newborn rose. All the roses I ordered throughout the winter arrived within weeks. I was a new mother tending my young.


Rose ‘Bonita’ in the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose

At that time, the existing garden had been here for more than 30 years and I had been making flower essences since 2000; however, something changed in the spring of 2006. Flower essence making became a mission and passion and the garden a sanctuary of love. I dedicated the garden to the creation of beauty and the healing of humanity, and formed La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences with its official mission of accelerating the spiritual growth of humanity. That spring, we created a second garden on the property to the east of our home, a property which Jonathan also owned and that is now home to a spiritual center dedicated to World Spiritual Unity. To expand the gardens even further, we also purchased the property to the west of our home. This property is now home to a third garden and the offices of La Vie de la Rose. In 2010, we purchased the property adjacent to the spiritual center. On it, we are creating a fourth garden and a retreat center.

What began as a local endeavour has become a planetary healing movement in which people throughout the world are accelerating their spiritual ascent.

To this day, I still take deep breaths as I walk through the garden, consciously expanding my Heart Center so I am more fully able to experience the beauty and love that surround me.


We live in an extraordinary time. We now have the opportunity to understand and heal the origins of our long-standing challenges. We also have the opportunity to activate and integrate new patterns of higher consciousness, which support us to fulfill our personal potential and purpose. What a gift Nature offers us through the power of flowers! In a complex, technological world, it can be difficult to believe that flowers essences can be so powerfully transformative. We are called to let go of doubt and allow our pioneering spirit to lead us to embrace new solutions.IMG_2408

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