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Many years ago, I awoke in the middle of the night on high alert and in extreme distress. I felt shattered and attempted to figure out what had triggered me. The pain intensified. In the early years of my healing journey, these nighttime experiences were normal for me. I couldn’t understand why I was back here. I was sure I had completed this aspect of my healing process. I could no longer think. I got up and went next door to our spiritual center, a space of high energy and great peace. I lay on my fainting couch, the place where I feel the deepest connection to Spirit. I asked for Divine Intervention.  “Please bring me through this. Bring me through the night.”  

At daybreak, I wrote the poem Carry On. It came through me as though dictated by a Higher Power in response to my distress. With daylight the pain eased and I emerged on the other side of this dark night, still perplexed as to the cause. 

At 9 AM, a friend called to ask if I had heard the news. Someone had broken into the studio/apartment of a dear friend of mine. The intruder attacked him with a knife. He shot and killed the intruder at about the time I awoke. That sense of inner shattering, that unbearable pain, not mine.  

Carry On, Spirit’s gift to me that night, has been a healing balm for the hearts of many. With so much adversity and trauma in so many different forms, I am called to offer it as a gift of healing for anyone seeking support during the dark nights of the Soul. 

Carry on!

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

Flower Essence Support:

Because of COVID-19, the term ‘rapid response’ has become part of our lexicon. So many of us are facing multiple challenges. This point of crisis signals that humanity has entered a spiritual initiation. Our Higher Selves call us to embrace crisis as a sacred passage to higher consciousness through which we prepare for our initiation to an expanded reality. The Rapid Response Flower Essences raise us our vibratory rate to the level at which we access spiritual support with immediacy. I created this flower essence set to support us through this spiritual initiation and all the challenges in our lives for which we desire urgent solutions and support.

For Accessing Urgently Required Spiritual Support

Though life is challenging, agents of the Divine presence on Earth – Angels, your Soul and Spirit Guides – are always available to support you.  

The Rapid Response Flower Essences™ enhances your receptivity to the spiritual support you invoke; when you seek an immediate answer to a prayer; when your heart cries out for healing, and when you face a troubling relationship challenge. These flower essences offer unprecedented energetic support for accessing courage, strength, and resourcefulness. May these gifts of Nature and inspired affirmations carry you through the moments when you think you have reached the limits of your human capacity.

~Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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