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spiritual activism flower essences la vie de la rose

It’s less than three weeks until the presidential election here in the U.S. I voted last week and am thrilled to make my voice heard, having become an American citizen on January 9th this year. It’s such a momentous election. The course of the world will move back towards the light or farther into darkness, depending on the outcome on November 3rd. There is always a battle between light and darkness on Earth. It is this duality that provides us with such a great opportunity to grow spiritually.

In every moment, we have a choice to make:
The light of love or the darkness of fear.
Every time we operate from fear, we give our power to the dark side.

The dark side of humanity, characterized by destabilization, destruction, and disorder, is a product of the fear of the ego/personality. While there are degrees of darkness, as long as we have an ego/personality, we are all in a battle with ourselves. Pay attention to the destabilization, destruction, and disorder you create and what those around you create. If you want to change the world, if you want to be a stronger agent of the light, cease all behaviors that destabilize, destroy, or create disorder in your life and the lives of others. Also, consider transforming or ending relationships with others who destabilize, destroy, or create disorder.

As each of us creates a light-filled reality in our sphere of influence,
that light ripples throughout the world. 

In my personal journey, my professional self is always present, learning and synthesizing my experiences into universal principles and pathways. Over the last year, and especially lately, I have deepened my understanding of the ego/personality and have shared some of my insights in previous newsletters. It has become clear to me that we create the ego/personality through our dissociative response to trauma. When the feelings associated with trauma are too painful, we repress them by dissociating from our hearts, retreating into our heads. Dissociation and repression are two sides of the same coin. A head dissociated from its heart is fearful because it has lost its moral compass and perceives itself separate from the Higher Self and Soul. It’s also invested in its own continuance because as soon as we dissociate we forget what we have left behind.

Donald Trump and his enablers are extremely dissociated, and so are those who vote for him. And, we are all dissociated to one degree or another. This is the legacy of trauma. Healing trauma is how we transcend the ego/personality and return to our hearts: how we move from fear to love. At the same time, we have free will at every moment. We can mitigate our negative ego/personalities through choice. We can choose the light rather than the darkness: choose love, rather than fear. There’s a hidden challenge in this choice-making process. The ego/personality is a trickster. It will have you believe you are loving when you are withholding. Here’s the test of love: It always extends and in ways that serve the highest good. We are so conditioned to confuse love with codependency. We serve each other’s ego/personalities and think we are being loving when we are meeting denied personal agendas. I have developed the vision to see through the ego/personality: perhaps not 20/20, yet close. Sometimes, this puts me in an awkward position. Unless someone is open to healing, my truth-telling only alienates the other person’s ego/personality. In each situation, I assess whether it serves to speak the truth or stay silent. 

If there isn’t space for truth-telling in a relationship,
then it is time to question whether to continue it.

At this point of crisis within humanity, our hearts call us to spiritual activism. Our spiritual activism must have two components. The first is our inner work. If you are not consistently healing, then your ego/personality will have the upper hand in your life. Inner healing calls us to self-honesty and catalyzes the spiritual evolution that allows us to make contributions from love: unconditional love, not personal love; the love that is our Souls, not the love which the ego/personality feigns. Never underestimate the power of your healing work to affect the world around you. 

You may have heard about the conspiracy to kidnap, try, and assassinate Gretchen Whitmer, our governor here in Michigan. The ringleader of the group of conspirators lived only blocks away from us until a few weeks ago, when he moved out of his girlfriend’s apartment to a place a little further away. When this conspiracy was exposed, I thought of how my partner does an hour and a half of spiritual practice every day. He stands before a wall of photos of Higher Beings and says empowered prayers I channeled and he edited many years ago. I have always marveled at the power with which he says these prayers and how he has done so daily for 17 years, no matter what is going on in his outer world. Who can say how this light work affected the outcome of the situation here in Michigan? I am not meaning to be grandiose; and I believe that each of us contributes significantly to the light quotient in our communities and beyond through our spiritual healing and practice.

I believe we are also being called into expanded outer world activism. I created the Spiritual Activism Flower Essences™ in response to George Floyd’s murder, and I am now taking these essences and saying the affirmations I wrote for them daily, intending to call forth a greater contribution to the light as a spiritual activist. 

My partner started wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt (now sweatshirt) on May 26th, the day after the policeman killed George. He wears it (he has more than one) every day and says he will do so until things change. He gets many reactions. A lot of white men give him the eye and he stares them down over his mask. A black person, young person, or woman says something positive most days. He is 74 and he says, “This is what I can do.”

It’s time for all of us to take a greater stand for the light and do what we can do.

Extricate yourself from fear’s ways. Examine destabilization, destruction, and disorder in your life. Counterbalance it with stability, construction, and order.

Take a magnifying glass to what you call love. Examine your patterns of withholding. Fear and greed go hand-in-hand, and you can easily veil your anger in false love and sugar-coated language.


Examine to whom you extend your love. If they can’t or won’t receive it, in whatever form you offer it, you are misdirecting your energy.

Examine what you are receiving in the name of love and get honest. Is it love or manipulation and seduction? What’s the person’s real agenda?

Commit to becoming a spiritual activist. What spiritual/inner work would enhance your activism? What actions might you take to expand your activism? Remember, small steps can make a big difference.

Flower Essence Support:

The acronym for this flower essence set is SAFE: Spiritual Activism Flower Essences. Rooted in the consciousness of the invulnerability of the Soul, our Spiritual Activism is how we create a personal and global reality of safety. Let’s create a safe world for all people!

Spiritual Activism Flower Essences™ la vie de la rose
For Expressing Your Compassionate Heart

You are here to make a unique and important contribution that increases the light on Earth. Your Soul is the source of your courage, inspiration and motivation. It is your advocate, your champion, and your muse. With your Soul as your guide, you are a creative agent of positive change. 

The Spiritual Activism Flower Essences™ evoke your daring nature and catapults you into the role you came to play at this crucial time. These flower essences offer unprecedented energetic support for inspiring Soulful action that promotes societal transformation. May these gifts of Nature and inspired affirmations embolden your heart and energize your spirit in service to your spiritual activism.

~Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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