Healing Unearned Suffering

Colfax Avenue and Race St., Denver, Colorado

When I heard the term unearned suffering, coined by the great Dr. Martin Luther King, it had evocative meaning for me. I have experienced a great deal of suffering in my life. As a spiritual counselor and metaphysician, I have made self-responsibility a practice. I am in a rare position of being conscious of most of my past lives. I know my Karma and understand how my errors and incompletions of the past have played out in the present. 

I also know that people have experiences they haven’t karmically created. In these instances, we clear Karma by playing roles in societal tragedies. George Floyd is one example. There is no past life error that merits the death he experienced. In my mind, George Floyd is a hero who gave his life so people like me would expand their efforts to create a better world. He sacrificed his life to set the fire of the hearts of light workers aflame: to inspire us to take up the torch for change and find the courage to fight the dark heart of humanity and restore the light on Earth. 

These days, there is a lot of unearned suffering: needless deaths from COVID-19 because of the multitude of failures of our government; all the cruel, unnecessary deaths of people of color at the hands of authorities; police brutality at peaceful protests; a good and devoted public servant, Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, the target of extremists emboldened by a president who calls white supremacists good people, and more. 

This is unearned suffering.

I wrote a Declaration for Healing from Unearned Suffering and I share it with you now in honor of George Floyd, who would have been 47 years old on October 14th, 2020. 

Flower Essence Support:

Rapid response flower essences™ la vie de la rose

Mount Shasta, CA is one of my favorite places on Earth. My partner and I drove up the mountain having just met at a workshop in nearby Ashland, OR in the summer 1997. By the time we descended we knew we were Soulmates and life partners. We went back there two years later and did our commitment ceremony. In  2015 and 2019, we vacationed there. In both cases, we sourced spiritual strength to carry us through challenging periods in our lives. 

People familiar with Mount Shasta claim it is the root chakra of the Earth. When I am there, I ground deeply into my being while feeling spiritually transcendent. It is as though I have left the planet while still being on it. Every time I visit, I feel I am having a mini-Ascension experience, tasting the spiritual liberation that awaits us all when we graduate from Earth school.


When I discovered Rose ‘Mount Shasta’, I knew I had to purchase her for our garden. She grows tall and slender, which is how she earned her name. The spring we planted her, I did a ceremony to link the power and purpose of Mount Shasta to this rose bush so that everyone who took the flower essence made from her blossoms could experience the liberation I experience when I am on the mountain. A few years later, I created the Trauma Recovery Flower Essences and Spirit guided me to put Rose ‘Mount Shasta’ in the set and to name the essence Finding Liberation. How perfect! 

Her white blossoms are extraordinary, and I can’t walk by her without thinking of the mountain and remembering how spiritually transformed I am each time I visit. 

Here is the purpose statement for Finding Liberation – Rose ‘Mount Shasta’:

trauma recovery flower essences la vie de la rose finding liberation rose mount Shasta
finding liberation la vie de la rose flower essences trauma recovery flower essences
Rose 'Mount Shasta'
  • Activates the courage of your eternal heart and the Spiritual Will to overcome the fear borne of experiences of oppression
  • Assists you to distinguish courageous Soul-based action from false acts of empowerment rooted in power-over
  • Supports you to liberate yourself from patterns and experiences of oppression and to extricate yourself from oppressive circumstances and relationships by healing the root cause of these destructive entanglements

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