Sacred Ceremony for Vernal Equinox

Sacred Ceremony for Vernal Equinox La Vie de la Rose

Saturday, March 20, 2021 5:37AM EDT

To prepare for writing this Vernal Equinox newsletter, I walked through the Garden of Love. The snowdrops are blooming, and the tulips are two inches above ground. Mother Earth’s annual awakening always buoys our hearts and renews our spirits, reminding us that the winter of our lives is the precursor to our spiritual emergence.

At the Autumnal Equinox (September 22, 2020), we entered the Inception Cycle of the Year of Daring Explorations—A year in which our spiritual task is to develop a new level of courage required for us to grow into our Greater Selves. At Winter Solstice, we moved from the Inception Cycle of the Nature Year to the Incubation Cycle. For the past three months, we have been incubating in the cocoon of our Souls, growing in unseen ways.

With Spring’s arrival, we emerge from the incubator, breaking free from the structures of consciousness that have become self-limiting and blossoming into an expanded sense of Self.

Spring is the Revelation Cycle of the Nature Year. During this timeframe, we experience the full Revelation of the spiritual blueprint that we unconsciously co-created with Nature and Spirit at the Autumnal Equinox. This year’s blueprint includes facing one primary challenge that has triggered our deep and often hidden fears. These fears have created a field of consciousness which played a causal role in relation to the challenges we now face. Fear always creates itself.

Developing Spiritual Confidence is the curriculum for this Nature Year. Healing fear is how we become spiritually confident. It is how we achieve the Victorious Outcomes we seek in relation to our challenges.

Spiritual Confidence emerges as we heal our fears. Infusing our hearts with the Spiritual Confidence of our Goddess Selves speeds up the healing of the fears triggered by and underlying our current challenges.

Our Goddess Selves assure us that victorious outcomes for our individual and collective challenges are possible, yet they are only possible through fearlessness. Free from fear, we experience the Revelation of the path to success and access the confidence and courage to take the steps before us.

Sacred Ceremony for Vernal Equinox La Vie de la Rose

Do your ceremony at the moment of the Vernal Equinox, March 20th at 5:37 AM EDT, or as soon as possible thereafter.

At the moment of this grand occurrence in Nature (or whenever you do your ceremony), close your eyes and sense the rush of energy Nature is releasing. Align your consciousness with this energy, setting the stage for moving through Spring synchronized with the next cycle of unfoldment of your spiritual blueprint for the Year of Daring Explorations. After a few moments, open your eyes and say the following declaration.

Spring Meditation for Activating Greater Spiritual Confidence

  1. Invoke your Goddess Self.

  2. Think of the challenge you are now facing.

  3. Intend a victorious outcome. Write your declaration of intention and state it aloud. Be sure the outcome you intend is Soul-aligned, i.e., it serves your highest good and that of everyone involved.

  4. Place yourself in the energy of your intended Victorious Outcome. Imagine you have achieved it. Allow yourself to be transformed by your positive imaginings.

  5. Allow your fears to emerge, including the hidden ones buried deep within your heart center.

  6. Merge your fearful heart with the heart of your Goddess Self. Her Supreme Confidence will quicken the healing and transmutation of your fears. Continue for as long as you choose.

  7. Detach from outcome. Detachment supports us to experience the peace of neutrality and opens us to even more expanded possibilities than what we have conceived.

Note: This meditation may stimulate old, fearful memories pertaining to your challenge. They may arise in your daytime or dreamtime consciousness. Whenever they do, invoke your Goddess Self for support, merging your heart with her heart and tuning into her Supreme Confidence.

In time, Spiritual Truth will replace the fabrications that gave rise to your fears. Spiritual Truth is the foundation of spiritual confidence. Pay attention to the new thoughts that are evidence of your transforming consciousness.

Declaration of Self Determination

My real challenge is my fearful heart borne of lifetimes of unconscious living. I forgive myself for the choices I have made and for creating the situations I now face. I made errors and now I intend to correct them. I am approaching my healing as a spiritual warrior. I am invoking the power of my Goddess Self and using the Light of my Soul to claim my victorious outcome. I refuse to allow fear to determine my destiny. I pick up the Sword of Truth and remove the fabrications from my consciousness that keep my heart bound in fear. Where there is Truth, there is no fear. I embrace Truth and move beyond fear now. I am an eternal being, safe and protected through the invulnerability of my Soul. My ego/personality and that of others have no power over me or my life. I am self-determinant. I am spiritually powerful, and I am able to orchestrate the victorious outcomes of my Soul.

Beyond Fear

The freedom we seek is freedom from fear. Beyond fear, there is no suffering and there are no attachments. We realize we are what we seek, and in that realization, rectification occurs. Without fear, there is only the Peace of the Soul. Isn’t it wonderful that we are in a year in which we are being supremely supported to take a leap beyond the fears that have limited us and created our greatest challenges? 

Freedom from Fear is the Victorious Outcome from which we orchestrate all other victorious outcomes.

Let us remember that the challenges we face create the triggers that illuminate our fears so we can heal them. This Vernal Equinox let us take a moment and give thanks for the challenges that are leading us to our spiritual liberation. Then let’s overcome these challenges using the spiritual power that is our Divine inheritance.

This year offers us an incarnational turning point. We are climbing a steep ladder and the space between the rungs of the ladder is great. Our task may appear daunting, and we can do it! As we replace our fears with Spiritual Confidence, we come into the knowing that we are unstoppable.

Think of what lies ahead!

Happy Vernal Equinox,

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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