Flower Essence Support for Transcending Fear

flower essence support for transcending fear

Dear Ladies, 

The tests of the Year of Daring Explorations are intense. They are evoking our deep-seated fears. Where there is no fear, there is power. Transcending our fears is the path to authentic power. How do we transcend fear? I have worked with the Ascended Masters to expand my understanding of this all year. 

Most people avoid moving in the direction that triggers their fears and suppress them through a variety of means. Having now worked with the depths or my accumulated fears from my incarnational history for most of the year, I understand why we humans choose to avoid or suppress our fears. The challenge is that avoidance and suppression mean we continue to live in fear. It’s there under the surface all the time. This is the source of our anxiety and our lack of fulfillment. Healing fear is the only way to become Soulfully empowered. It is the path to our authenticity, creativity, empowerment, and achievement of our dreams. 

The only way to transcend fear is through spiritual healing.

Despite my challenging summer, I took the time to record the videos in this email. In them, I introduce you to some flowers used to make our flower essences and their extraordinary teachings. I think you will enjoy watching these videos, meeting the flowers, and hearing some of what I have learned from them. 

Below is how these featured flowers can support you in this summer of Daring Explorations as we transcend fear and find the courage to triumph in this Nature year. 

It’s breakthrough time, ladies. We can do this. I know we can.

All Love All Ways,

Being Nurtured
Rose 'Darlow's Enigma'
la vie de la rose being nurtured

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

When we are feeling fear, we are experiencing the deep imprints of trauma. The Soul is the great healer. The Soul’s nurturing presence activates release of painful feelings, provides solace, and carries us through our darkest moments. Being Nurtured supports us as we open our wounded hearts to the nurturing of our Souls so we can heal. In our traumatic moments, there was no nurturing, so it isn’t easy to open to nurturing in our wounded places. This is one of the gifts of Being Nurtured.

Exuberant Heart
Rose 'Passionate Kisses'
la vie de la rose flower essences exuberant heart

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

The Earth plane is a place of duality in which we experience the polarity of dark/fear and Light/love. Fear reflects our dark heart and when we are healing fear, we enter our heart of darkness. This is challenging work. Exuberant Heart supports us to access the spiritual buoyancy of our Souls amid our fears, our healing, and our challenges. It supports us as we seek to remain in or return to our higher nature. It assists us as we learn to take heart and find happiness as we traverse the challenges of human existence.

Inner Sanctuary
Rose 'Europeana'
La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences Inner Sanctuary

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

When we are in fear, our minds are full of dark and scary thoughts. When we find the peace of our Souls, the fear abides long enough for us to know we are safe. A world of infinite possibilities replaces our fearful imaginings. Inner Sanctuary supports us as we withdraw our senses from the outer world of the ego/personality and seat our consciousness in our Souls. It is challenging to do this when fear has overtaken our minds. Inner Sanctuary supports us as we seek to enter the portal of our Souls, regardless of what is transpiring in our outer worlds.

Rose 'Tranquility'
la vie de la rose flower essences Innocence

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

Fear and guilt go hand-in-hand. We have hidden our painful feelings of guilt, yet they remain in our hearts. They cause us to feel insecure about the actions we have taken and decisions we have made, and to be fearful in life. We carry so much guilt from our past lives, and some from this lifetime, too. Unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, we feel our greatest errors are uncorrectable. We are sad for what we have done and haven’t done and fearful of their consequences. Our hidden guilt manifests in self-judgement and harshness towards ourselves. When we have the courage to look at ourselves honestly, to acknowledge our errors, then we face the spiritual imperative to release ourselves to the Light through self-forgiveness. It’s difficult to do, and Innocence provides energetic support for doing it.

Finding Liberation
Rose 'Mount Shasta'
la vie de la rose flower essences finding liberation

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

Oppression is the source of our fears, and we have faced the oppressor hundreds of times. Think about the challenges you face today. Where are you being oppressed? How is oppression or fear of it keeping you small? We often deny we are being oppressed because we are so accustomed to it, so dig deep here. Examine how you are oppressing yourself. Finding Liberation supports us as we seek to surface the buried fears within our hearts from our experiences of oppression and to liberate ourselves from them. It also supports us as we externalize our healing by extracting ourselves from oppressive relationships and situations. 

Restoring Trust
Peony 'Gay Paree'
la vie de la rose flower essences restoring trust

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

Others have repeatedly broken our trust. As a result, we fear betrayal and intimacy, and are mistrustful. At some level, we know the old experiences of betrayal will attract more betrayals. The only way out of the cycle of betrayal is to heal our wounded hearts; to transmute feelings of betrayal to restored trust. Restoring Trust supports us as we feel and heal the pain of betrayal within our hearts. It supports us to move from fear of betrayal to trust in ourselves and our Souls. It assists us as we learn to protect our hearts through greater discernment, choosing relationships that are safe for our sensitive hearts. 

Willingness to Heal
Peony 'Honey Perfume'
la vie de la rose flower essences willingness to heal

2oz: $38
0.5oz: $18

Spiritual Healing is challenging! It brings us face-to-face with the secrets within our hearts and removes the mask of perfectionism that hides these secrets. Shame is the underbelly of perfectionism, and perfectionism is the greatest obstacle to healing. We are afraid to look at ourselves at an ego/personality level because we know we won’t like what we see. All our ego/personalities are the same: they are the negative expression of our repressed fears. We are also understandably afraid to feel the pain. Resistance to heal comes up at every step of our healing. It’s part of the process. Willingness to Heal supports us as we do the challenging work of continually overcoming our ego/personality’s resistance to our spiritual healing. 

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