You choose the Path. We accelerate the Journey.

Whatever spiritual path you have chosen, whatever healing modalities this path includes, La Vie de la Rose offers the first and only flower essences created to quicken the evolution of your consciousness accelerating your spiritual growth.

Accelerated Spiritual Growth is the Spiritual Development Process 
whereby we accomplish the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime
ordinarily experienced over many.

As we ascend the ladder of consciousness and grow spiritually, we shift from experiences of disempowerment, lack, limitation, pain, struggle, and suffering to ones of empowerment, harmony, joy, love, peace, and purpose.

Think about transcending your long-standing challenges more quickly… unfolding your sacred higher purpose sooner rather than later… taking leaps in consciousness in short order! This is a profound breakthrough in human spiritual development and the gift of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences.

The Next Generation of Flower Essences – Catalyze and support the Spiritual Healing required to shift the underlying metaphysical causation of imbalances in your life.

  • Develop your telepathic ability, clarifying your communication with Nature and Spirit
  • Experience your highest potential and fulfill your Soul Contract
  • Increase your ability to experience and express your Soul
  • Increase your vibratory rate above the level of your current limiting experiences and perceptions, supporting you to create your life at a higher level
  • Transcend the past by healing the imprints of traumatic and/or unresolved experiences
  • Uncover and heal the root causes of your addictions, conflicted relationships, financial issues, work challenges, etc.

…all at an accelerated pace!

"La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences are the best energetic assistance substances I have found to support overall healing and growth on all levels."
Carol F - Massachusetts