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What are flower essences?

Flower essences are part of the long tradition of Shamanic and Earth-based healing. They are a profound form of natural energy medicine, oral tinctures working in subtle energy system to create change. In recent times, this ancient modality has experienced a significant evolution, becoming one of the most potent forms of natural healing available for assisting us to meet the unique challenges of our times.

How do flower essences work?

Certain flowers hold patterns of consciousness/energy signatures. When you take a flower essence orally (on or under the tongue) made from one of these flowers, the energy signature it holds enters your subtle energy system and is translated into the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels, creating shifts over time.

What is the purpose of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences?

Some flower essences are created to assist in physical healing, others to balance the mind and emotions. La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences catalyze and support Accelerated Spiritual Growth™, the Spiritual Developmental Process whereby we accomplish the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime ordinarily experienced over many. Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ is a new concept developed by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte and for which she has created a body of work and line of products to support humanity in transcending the incremental growth of the past. It reflects an opportunity previously unavailable to humanity–the opportunity to quicken the evolution of consciousness.

What products do you offer?

  • 40 individual flower essences (½ oz and 2 oz bottles)
  • 12 flower essence sets (created to support achieving life-changing breakthroughs in relation to particular aspects of spiritual growth and areas of life experience):
    • The Balanced Child Solutions
    • The Body-Soul Alignment Solutions
    • The Conscious Passing Solutions with full-color book by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte
    • The New Millennium Children Solutions
    • The Soul-Infused Leadership Solutions with full-color book by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte
    • The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions
    • The Spiritual Development Solutions
    • The Spiritual Healing Solutions
    • The Spiritual Purpose Solutions
    • The Spiritual Relationship Solutions
    • The Year of Dynamic Reorientation Solutions with full-color book by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte
    • The Yoga Practitioner Solutions
  • The Ascension Oracle: Guidance for Accelerated Spiritual Growth(30-card deck and guidebook
  • The Ascension Oracle Solutions (all 30 La Vie de la Rose flower essences in set of dram bottles - companion flower essence set to The Ascension Oracle)
  • Poems from the Garden of Love: Words of Light & Inspiration by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte

What is the difference between Spiritual Healing and suppression of symptoms?

The return of our minds to a state of Oneness with Soul/Source is the spiritual purpose of life on Earth. Our struggles reflect the unconscious perception of separation from Soul/Source. This perception of separation is reflected in our relationships, particularly with ourselves, and is the metaphysical cause of all imbalances, whether related to career, finances, health, relationships, etc. We are accustomed to addressing and/or alleviating symptoms by suppressing them–perceiving “instant” results rather than healing the underlying metaphysical causation. Ultimately, to experience health and wellbeing, it is paramount for us to heal imbalances at their Point of Origin within our consciousness. La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences were created to assist the return of our minds to God, working at the metaphysical level (the true level of causation) to support Spiritual Healing, rather than suppression of symptoms. Often physical symptoms abate once the metaphysical cause is addressed.

How is the purpose of La Vie de la Rose different than that of allopathic medicine?

Our flower essences and allopathic medicine serve completely different purposes. Regardless of the benefits of allopathic solutions, they suppress the underlying metaphysical causation by suppressing symptoms. Our flower essences support you in becoming aware of the underlying causes of external imbalances and in doing the requisite Spiritual Healing work. When shifts are catalyzed at the metaphysical level, they are organically translated into the other levels over time. Working at the level of causation is the fastest and most efficient way to create shifts on all levels. This is one of the keys to Accelerated Spiritual Growth™.

Our flower essences are not about a quick fix or instant solution. They are about a process of Spiritual Growth whereby you face, resolve and transcend the past and simultaneously activate patterns of higher consciousness and create your life in alignment with your Soul.

Why are La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences so Potent?

The flowers of La Vie de la Rose have evolved energetically to their highest potential due to our garden’s unique micro-environment. This environment has supported their evolution, allowing them to embody the highest patterns of consciousness on earth. Read more about The Garden of Love here…

How do I increase my receptivity to La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences?

Your level of sensitivity determines how quickly a flower essence has an effect on your subtle energy system and your ability to notice the effect. To increase your sensitivity, adopt higher nutritional practices (e.g., cleansing, fasting, juicing, raw cuisine, etc.). Also consider increasing the time you spend in spiritual practice (e.g., empowered prayer, meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.).

What can I expect when I take La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences?

The effects of our flower essences are subtle and profound, immediate and long-term. Our flower essences will immediately activate healing, triggering the release of old repressed feelings and/or traumas. They contain only water, brandy or vinegar and the energetic signature of the flower–they do not contain any physical part of the flowers from which they are made; therefore, they are safe and side effect free. If you experience anxiety about the issues that are surfacing, this anxiety can produce physical symptoms.

How do I choose an individual flower essence?

To select one or more of our 30 individual flower essences, use your intuition, muscle checking or dowsing, supported by the names of the flower essences, their purpose statements and corresponding photos or draw a card from The Ascension Oracle: Guidance for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™. Read more about The Ascension Oracle and The Ascension Oracle Solutions here...

How do I take La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences?

Take orally (on or under the tongue) with the exception of a forehead application for infants and optional water infusion for young children. If you are taking more than one flower essence at a time, take them consecutively (one after the other) not simultaneously (e.g., in a glass of water or on a spoon). Our flower essences are preserved in either brandy (13.3% alcohol by volume) or vinegar (60%); children may prefer to take the drops in water rather than on or under the tongue.

For The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions (Angel Wings, Divine Flame and Miracles), the recommended minimum daily dosage is one dropperful (10-12 drops) in the morning or before bedtime. For all other flower essences, the recommended minimum daily dosage is one drop in the morning or before bedtime. For greater support, increase the dosage and/ or frequency.

If one flower essence is resonating more than another or responding to a pressing healing matter, take it more often (e.g., a second or third time). If something comes up intensely and the flower essence responds to it, take one dropperful of the flower essences immediately for support.

When taking the flower essence, we recommend saying the name of the flower essence and the name of the flower. Also consider reading its corresponding purpose statement. Alternatively, create a personal affirmation/declaration/intention that corresponds with the purpose of the flower essence.

Complete instructions and the purpose statement for each flower essence are available on the flower essence pages of our website.

Note: You may brush your teeth, drink and eat before and/or after taking the flower essences.

How long do I take a flower essence?

Take a flower essence until you perceive the accomplishment of a specific goal or take it indefinitely to continually evolve a particular pattern of consciousness to its highest level, thereby accessing long term to support for your Ascension process. At La Vie de la Rose, we take one drop of every essence in the morning and evening every day.

How do I use The Ascension Oracle and The Ascension Oracle Solutions?

The Ascension Oracle card deck features photos of the 30 flowers from the garden of La Vie de la Rose we use to create our 30 individual flower essences. It also includes a book offering profound spiritual guidance pertaining to each card. The Ascension Oracle Solutions, companion flower essence set to The Ascension Oracle, contains all 30 of our individual flower essences in dram bottles. To use The Ascension Oracle and The Ascension Oracle Solutions:

  1. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, balancing and centering yourself.
  2. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  3. Set an intention to receive the most appropriate message.
  4. Pick a card using your intuition, dowsing and/or muscle checking (kinesiology testing) after cutting or fanning the deck.
  5. Sit with the card, communing with the energy of the flower pictured in the photo.
  6. Take one drop of the corresponding flower essence from The Ascension Oracle Solutions.
  7. Read the message of the card. Contemplate the message and determine how it specifically relates to you and your life situation. You may find it useful to journal and/or discuss the card with a trusted friend and/or spiritual advisor.
  8. Decide how to implement the guidance indicated in the card. Make a commitment to follow through.
  9. Take the recommended daily dosage of the corresponding flower essence from The Ascension Oracle Solutions until the developmental process or shift in consciousness is complete.

Can La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences be blended?

Nature has advised us not to blend La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences with any other flower essences, including other La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. The patterns of consciousness for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ held in our flower essences are new to humanity; therefore, take the flower essences one at a time. This activates each pattern of consciousness in its pure form and allows your subtle energy system to fully register and integrate the new consciousness.

What is the shelf life of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences?

La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences last indefinitely unless contaminated. To maintain purity of your flower essences, avoid touching the dropper (with hand, tongue, etc.). If contamination does occur, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle. Avoid exposing your flower essences to direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold.

"La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences are the best energetic assistance substances I have found to support overall healing and growth on all levels."
Carol F - Massachusetts