A Women’s Healing Collective

“Many years ago, a group of my clients and students supported me to create and build La Vie de la Rose. These women gave generously because they wanted women around the world to experience the personal transformation they were experiencing. During the weekdays, they worked in their jobs and at night and weekends they volunteered at La Vie de la Rose. They did this for many years. They also chose to live simply, forgoing home improvements, vacations, etc., to support La Vie de la Rose to grow and develop. After many years of service, most of these women retired from their active role here. Today we are operated primarily by women who work in administration, the garden, and production. While much has changed over the years, one thing remains constant…my eternal gratitude to everyone who has contributed to La Vie de la Rose and our ability to offer everyone around the world the precious gift of Accelerated Spiritual Growth. I hold the forming mothers of La Vie de la Rose in my heart and feel eternal gratitude to them for fully extend themselves through unconditional love to humanity.” – Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte

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"I just received the Ascension Oracle. It's gorgeous!!! Thank you. I was always a bit overwhelmed by trying to figure out which essences to take. Here's a way to help me intuitively choose just the right one, and to have faith in that choice. And, as usual, you've done an amazing job on the packaging and marketing materials. I look forward to using these and to sharing them with others."
Tom Callanan, Author/Program Officer, 1440.org/Senior Advisor and Former Program Officer, Fetzer Institute/Co-Founder, Collective Wisdom Initiative