Our Flowers and Gardens

Our flowers hold the new Aquarian patterns for higher consciousness−patterns that quicken the evolution of consciousness and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Our garden is unique micro-environment consciously created with the sole purpose of supporting the energetic evolution of our flowers, which allows them to embody these new patterns of higher consciousness.

  • Located on an acre of land on an energy vortex, a key point on Earth’s energy grid
  • Beds, walkways, and other structures are built in accordance with esoteric/sacred geometry
  • Graced with sacred objects from around the world, many of which are hundreds of years old
  • Located on land that is consecrated as a Spiritual Light Center
  • Organically maintained
  • Our urban location activates the principle of “horizontal healing” or “like healing like.” The balance and high vibratory rate of this urban garden—and the flowers grown in it—are a metaphor for what we can achieve/experience regardless of where we live.

When you ingest our flower essences or work with the flowers in our oracle deck, you experience the Beauty and Love of the garden…as well its potent transformative effect on the evolution of your consciousness.

"I just received the Ascension Oracle. It's gorgeous!!! Thank you. I was always a bit overwhelmed by trying to figure out which essences to take. Here's a way to help me intuitively choose just the right one, and to have faith in that choice. And, as usual, you've done an amazing job on the packaging and marketing materials. I look forward to using these and to sharing them with others."
Tom Callanan, Author/Program Officer, 1440.org/Senior Advisor and Former Program Officer, Fetzer Institute/Co-Founder, Collective Wisdom Initiative