Flower Essences as Spiritual Practice

Flower Essences as Spiritual Practice

When you ingest a La Vie de la Rose Flower Essence, you are entering the Sacred Garden of the Divine. You are communing with Nature in Perfected Form. You are experiencing Perfected Manifestation of a pattern of consciousness that accelerates your spiritual growth, quickening your path to Ascension.

Take each flower essence consciously. Commune with the energy of the flower as you take it. Say the name of the flower essence and the flower, e.g., “Hu-manessence – Hardy Lily Butter Pixie” and then take the flower essence. Pause for a moment as the consciousness of the flower merges with your consciousness, lifting you up with its Light.

Consider saying the purpose statement as an affirmation, e.g., “I recognize that my body’s purpose is to function as the vehicle for my Soul’s consciousness. I give my Soul, rather than my ego/personality, dominion over my mind and subsequently my body. I heal the underlying metaphysical causes of illness, body-image and other body-based issues. I deepen my experience of union with the Divine through body-based spiritual practices.”  

Alternatively say an affirmation, declaration, invocation or prayer calling forth Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Development, etc. Open to receive. Give thanks.

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