Garden of Love

The Garden of Love
A Pristine Nature Sanctuary

  • We produce La Vie de la Rose flower essences from flowers grown in a pristine Nature Sanctuary called the Garden of Love
  • The keepers of the Garden of Love have maintained it for decades using the strongest organic practices and unique energetic processes
  • The Garden of Love is a balanced ecosystem and has an incomparable micro-environment
  • Women who have dedicated themselves to their spiritual growth and serving humanity tend the garden with impeccability and reverence for Nature

There are no other flower essences with the extraordinary healing patterns we offer

The plants in the Garden of Love have come from the finest nurseries in the U.S. As soon as a plant arrives in the garden, Dr. Schotte does comprehensive, energetic healing to balance and stabilize it; and ongoing energy work, as required, to support it to attain its highest energetic unfoldment. As a plant matures, it develops a unique healing pattern that is its purpose for humanity. Even when others make flower essences from the same variety of flowers we use, their flower essences do not have the same healing patterns as the La Vie de la Rose essences.

The fundamental premise of natural healing:

The quarter acre Garden of Love spans four adjacent properties in a historical community in Western Michigan. The urban location increases the potency of our flower essences through the doctrine of horizontal healing, i.e., like heals like. This is because 84% of Americans and 55% of the world population live in urban areas. In the evolutionary unfoldment of the flowers from the Garden of Love, they undergo development unique to an urban environment. As a result, our flower essences hold healing patterns attuned to the evolutionary dynamic of urban dwellers. They are also effective if you live in a rural area. 

Powerful Energy Vortex

The Garden of Love is in an energy vortex. Associated with sacred sites, energy vortexes are power points on Mother Earth formed by the intersection of ley lines that generate strong transformative emanations. This energy vortex magnifies the energetic healing and potency of our flower essences.

Sacred Sanctuary

The Universal Light Center for Unconditional Love, established over 35 years ago, is at the heart of the Garden of Love. It weaves a web of oneness among humanity’s sacred traditions. Sacred structures, the use of sacred geometry and esoteric numerology in the beds and walkways, and sacred statuary enhance the garden’s vibratory rate. The Garden of Love is a rare Nature and spiritual sanctuary that uplifts humanity through La Vie de la Rose flower essences and its powerful emanations.

Welcome to the Garden of Love