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May 2017

May 3:               Magnetism Online Course: Wk 1
May 5-7:            Booked for Private Retreat
May 10:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 2
May 10-12:        Booked for Private Retreat
May 17:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 3
May 20-22:        Booked for Private Retreat
May 26-29:        n/a
May 31:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 4
May 31-June 2  Booked for Private Retreat

June 2017

June 3-4           n/a
June 6-9           Booked for Private Retreat
June 7:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 5
June 12-16       Booked for Private Retreat
June 14:           Magnetism Online Course: Wk 6
June 17-22       n/a
June 23-29       n/a

July 2017

June 30-July 5  n/a
July 7-9            Booked for Private Retreat
July 13-15        Booked for Private Retreat
July 18-20        Booked for Private Retreat
July 27-31        Booked for Private Retreat

August 2017

June 4-6           n/a
Aug 7-9            Booked for Private Retreat
Aug 15-17        Booked for Private Retreat
Aug 25-28        Available for Group Retreat
July 27-31        Booked for Private Retreat

Sept 2017

Sept 1-4           n/a
Sept 8-11         Harrisburg, PA
Sept 17-21       Booked for Private Retreat
Sept 22-24       n/a
Sept 30            Toronto

Past Events

Annual Bioneers Conference
Natural Products Expo West
Toronto Yoga Conference
Chopra Center – Spiritual Solutions for Women
American Holistic Nurses Association Conference

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"I think I must be ready for the next level of healing because I have had such a profound and positive experience with the essences - I am amazed and grateful and excited. I feel as though I have burst through to new levels of consciousness and have shifted in many relationships and emotions that have been difficult for me in the past. It's as if the essences are the extra support I needed to take big leaps. More to come I know!"