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Private and Group Retreats
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April 2017

April 3-5             Booked for Private Retreat
April 8-9:            n/a
April 13-16:        Booked for Group Retreat
April 19-23:        Booked for Private Retreat
April 26:             Awakening the Sacred Self: Healing Trauma Online Event 
April 27-May 1:  Booked for Private Retreat

May 2017

May 3:               Magnetism Online Course: Wk 1
May 5-7:            Booked for Private Retreat
May 10:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 2
May 10-12:        Booked for Private Retreat
May 17:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 3
May 20-22:        Booked for Private Retreat
May 26-29:        n/a
May 31:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 4
May 31-June 2  Booked for Private Retreat

June 2017

June 3-4           n/a
June 6-9           Available for Private Retreat
June 7:             Magnetism Online Course: Wk 5
June 12-16       Booked for Private Retreat
June 14:           Magnetism Online Course: Wk 6
June 17-22       n/a
June 23-29       Available for Group/Private Retreat or Workshop

July 2017

June 30-July 5  n/a
July 7-16          Available for Group/Private Retreat or Workshop
July 18-20        Booked for Private Retreat
July 24-31        Available for Group/Private Retreat or Workshop

Past Events

Annual Bioneers Conference
Natural Products Expo West
Toronto Yoga Conference
Chopra Center – Spiritual Solutions for Women
American Holistic Nurses Association Conference

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"To begin with I wish to congratulate you on the quality and integrity of the flower essences. I have personally used them with great success and shared them with others, promoting them wherever I see the opportunity. They are truly amazing, thank you for this gift to humanity."
Daniela Botur, Distributor/Practitioner - Jackson, WY