A Message for Women Dealing with Sexual Trauma


Dr. Natalia’s Message for Summer Solstice June 21, 2017





Dr. Natalia’s Message for the 10 Million Multiplier June 9, 2017





Dr. Natalia’s Message for the Spring Equinox March 20, 2017




Dr. Natalia’s Message for the 10 Million Multiplier March 12, 2017




Dr. Natalia’s Message for the New Year 2017: The Year of the Leap of Faith




Dr. Natalia’s Message for the Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2016






Dr. Natalia’s Message from Spirit for the 10 Million Multiplier November 20, 2016





Dr. Natalia’s August 31, 2016 Guided Initiation Ceremony &
Message for the 2016 Nature New Year Autumnal Equinox





Awaken the Sacred Self – Order of the Healing Rose
(introduction video)





The Soul-Infused Leadership Solutions
(introduction video)





The Trauma Recovery Solutions and Divine Immanence (introduction video)




DrN 150 x 150

The Trauma Recovery Solutions and Divine Immanence,
Part 2 – How to Use (video)





Sacred Objects and Structures in the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose





What’s Blooming in the Garden of Love (Photos from our Gardens)




Chopra 150x150

2015 Chopra Center – Spiritual Solutions for Women
May 28-31, 2015
Carlsbad, CA





2015 Yoga Conference & Show
April 9-12, 2015
Toronto, ON





2015 Spiritual Ascension Conference
January 2015
Beijing, China




Dr. Natalia at our booth

2014 Chopra Center – Seduction of Spirit
August 3-9, 2014
Toronto, ON

"I feel urged to write you to share my appreciation for your products & words of wisdom. I just took my Year of Captivation essences & was reading the blurb on Stalwart in the Ascension book, I love the meaning of it and the words on that page just resonated with me. I am new to La Vie de la Rose, I'm a couple weeks in now and I love them, the packaging is beautiful, the oracle deck and book feels so good too. I feel the love crafted into these products. Thank you!"
Sabrina - Toronto, Canada