How It all Started…

In December 2005 a major part of the work in which I had been engaged reached completion and I petitioned Spirit for a new Soul contract. I lay on the rug in front of the fireplace in the rose carpet room of my home and made my case. At that time I was in the process of bringing forth a body of work now called The Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Human Consciousness™. This work contains a series of specific processes for spiritual activation. I was told to bring forth a new process to assist with the transformation of my work. I did so immediately. That night I dreamt that I was gazing at a pregnant woman. When I looked closely at her belly I was able to see the fetus. I say out loud in the dream, “I am witnessing the Soul Love that exists between mother and child.” I am crying and say, “To experience this Love fully I must expand my Heart Center.” I take deep breaths in the dream to assist me in being fully present to this Love. I was the pregnant woman and the Garden of Love my unborn child.

All winter long I read books about roses and with the assistance of Nature Intelligences selected those to order for our garden. When I unpacked the first arrival, I beheld a tiny rose, about 1½“ in diameter. I cried as I had in the dream, full of Love for this newborn rose. All the roses I ordered throughout the winter arrived via mail within weeks. I was a new mother tending my young. We have always healed and balanced every new plant we bring into our garden. Many nights the woman I call the grandmother of the garden and I continued this intensive work long after dark with flashlights in hand. Most of the garden has been here for more than 30 years and I have been making flower essences since 2000; however, something changed in the spring of 2006. Flower essence making became a mission and passion and the garden a Sanctuary of Love. I dedicated the garden to the creation of Beauty and the healing of humanity and formed the legal entity of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences with its official mission of accelerating spiritual growth. To this day I still take deep breaths as I walk through the garden, consciously expanding my Heart Center so I am more fully able to experience the Divine Presence that is reflected in the Beauty and Love that surround me.

Several years ago, a woman interviewed me and asked how working so closely with Nature had changed me. I answered that we as humans are a dual configuration comprised of Nature and Spirit or body and Soul. Working with Nature grounds us in form. As we fully ground, our Ascension is accelerated and supported. My Ascension Process has been greatly accelerated through my conscious partnership with Nature. Nature is God made manifest. While I have always understood Divine Immanence, my experience of Divine Immanence is now deep and abiding. I see God in every flower and I see us all as flowers in the Garden of Love.

"What a lovely way to start the day – picking a sumptuous flower from this sensuous and spiritual The Ascension Oracle. Not only are the 30 cards classy and colorful, they come with a Guidebook that is beautifully written by Dr. Natalia Schotte, founder of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. Accompanying her eternally wise words, The Ascension Oracle includes actual Flower Essences that relate to each card. Unlike most oracle decks, this is a true healing experience – healed by the cards, the guidebook and the essences themselves. I say this with an open, innocent, pure mind, and synchronistically, my rose essence today is #17 Rose "Tranquility" Innocence. I feel much better about myself and my life having taken a couple minutes out of my busy life to sit and imbibe the essences of pure beauty and soul."
James Wanless, Ph.D., creator of Voyager Tarot and Sustain Yourself Cards