Dr. Natalia facilitates a wide range of women’s live and online events and workshops in various cities throughout the year.

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General Information on Women’s Workshops

Are you ready for a profound experience of self-discovery?

Our Women’s Healing Retreats are a sanctuary of Love and safety, an experience of the power of sisterhood. You will laugh and cry as you breakthrough to new levels of empowerment, exuberance, and purpose.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

Each group is unique and unfolds organically based on a dynamic group process. You will experience:

  • An increase in your vibratory rate, leading to a quantum leap in consciousness
  • Deep healing of old traumas from this and/or past lives, leading to final resolution
  • Greater clarity about your personal challenges, including their root causes within your consciousness, and your life direction
  • Greater intimacy with Self and others
  • Greater personal responsibility as you more fully embody the understanding that you have allowed, attracted and created all your experiences
  • Greater contact with your higher self
  • Increased connection with nature and nature intelligences

The Accelerated Spiritual GrowthCurriculum

The Accelerated Spiritual GrowthCurriculum is an unprecedented Nature-based system developed by Dr. Natalia to quicken the evolution of consciousness. It is an innovative program for accessing the keys and codes for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™. The Curriculum offers the opportunity to expedite your path to Ascension. It includes Ascension Activations from The Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Consciousness™—a body of work developed by Dr. Schotte which is unlike anything else currently available. It also includes flower essences made from energetically evolved flowers grown in the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose.

Sponsor Dr. Natalia

If you would like to sponsor Dr. Natalia and a Women’s Healing Workshop in your area, please contact us. 

"What a lovely way to start the day – picking a sumptuous flower from this sensuous and spiritual The Ascension Oracle. Not only are the 30 cards classy and colorful, they come with a Guidebook that is beautifully written by Dr. Natalia Schotte, founder of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. Accompanying her eternally wise words, The Ascension Oracle includes actual Flower Essences that relate to each card. Unlike most oracle decks, this is a true healing experience – healed by the cards, the guidebook and the essences themselves. I say this with an open, innocent, pure mind, and synchronistically, my rose essence today is #17 Rose "Tranquility" Innocence. I feel much better about myself and my life having taken a couple minutes out of my busy life to sit and imbibe the essences of pure beauty and soul."
James Wanless, Ph.D., creator of Voyager Tarot and Sustain Yourself Cards