Initiation August 31, 2016

Cross the Bridge to the New Reality!
Experience the August 31, 2016 Initiation with this Guided Ceremony by Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte

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[Important Date] August 31st: Bridge to the New Reality

Dear Friends,
I am writing about an important upcoming event for which many of us have been preparing for a long time. It is an initiation to an entirely new level of reality. This summer we are in the final phases of completing the lessons associated with this initiation. What follows is guidance to support your successful passage to the new life made available through this initiation.
An initiation is a graduation from one level of life to the next
and occurs as a result of a significant transformation of consciousness.
In way of background, every year I use my intuitive capacities to tune into the energies of both the new Nature Year, which begins at the moment of the Autumnal Equinox in September, and the New Year of the Gregorian calendar, which begins on January 1st, and discern the related themes. I write about these themes and provide guidance in support of the upcoming year’s unfoldment.
The Year of Recreating Reality (September 23, 2015-September 22, 2016)
The Gregorian calendar, established in 1582 CE, governs linear time and our external lives. The Nature calendar, which marks the Autumnal Equinox as its New Year, governs Spiritual Time and our inner lives. I named the current Nature Year, The Year of Recreating Reality, and 2016 The Year of Strong Statements (read my message about The Year of Strong Statementshere). This message focuses on the pinnacle of The Year of Recreating Reality: an August 31st Initiation.
At the beginning of this Nature Year, last September, I received an image from Spirit revealing the transformative power of the energies that had become available at the moment of the Autumnal Equinox: an earthquake which creates a chasm in the Earth. 
At that time, I wrote:
At the beginning of the New Year, we stand on one side of this chasm and at the end of the year, we will be standing on the other. The gap between the two sides, representing one world and another, will be so great that at the end of the year, there will be no turning back. We are moving into totally unknown territory, embarking on a journey into the frontiers of consciousness. We are truly pioneers forging new ground within our inner landscapes.

This message foretold a year of great challenge and opportunity – a year in which we are called to significantly recreate our realities so that they are more fully aligned with our Souls.

While Ultimate Reality is changeless, our personal realities as Soul expressions are ever- evolving. My personal reality has been profoundly transformed since the beginning of the new Nature Year. I have been guided to spend time serving in China. This transition has been challenging. During my recent six-month trip, I had a choice: retreat in fear or commit to do whatever it took to allow my Spirit to triumph in every situation. I chose the latter. Instead of succumbing to fear, I resolved to find a solution for every challenge. My commitment to Self became unshakable. On several occasions, I walked away from people and situations that seemed essential in the moment. I went from believing to knowing that I am provided for in every way at all times. My faith in the Universe became unshakable. I surrendered the primacy of my personal life in favor of the transpersonal life of the Soul.
Collective Initiation on August 31, 2016
An initiation is a graduation from one level of life to the next and occurs as a result of a significant transformation of consciousness. Alice Bailey wrote that a Point of Crisis characterizes every initiation. Depending on the degree of challenge a Point of Crisis entails, it may be referred to as a “dark night of the Soul.” The degree of challenge depends, in turn, upon how shocking the revelation associated with the Point of Crisis is and how attached we are to what we must now release in light of the revelation.

We are called to embrace whatever we are facing as part of a profound and sacred passage to a higher level of reality. Let us choose to surrender to what is taking place in our lives and allow ourselves to be transformed through the crucible of our experience.

Preparing for our Initiation
This summer, we are in an intense process of individual self-transformation, which in turn is catalyzing the external re-creation of our lives. We are called to consciously choose to create a future that is different from the past. Fear always projects into the future. Projecting fear into the future is the basis of Recurring Energetic Dynamics, such as repeated betrayals, disappointments, and other perceived failures and losses. Trying to manipulate the outer world to bring about change will never work. So, how do we transcend the fear of the future rooted in the past? How do we find the courage to say “yes” to the new expanded lives that await us, rather than retreat in fear? The only path to authentic change is the transformation of consciousness. The accelerated path to personal transformation is the self-healing that leads to the ongoing opening of the Heart Center.
To consciously prepare for your Initiation:
Step 1: 
Connect with the Angelic Presence that is over-lighting the Initiation of August 31, 2016: the Angel of Initiation.
Step 2: 
Identify your specific test of Initiation. It is whatever you are going through that you find challenging. If you are uncertain, ask the Angel of Initiation to support its revelation. It may take a few days or more for the revelation to occur. Once you are aware of your test of Initiation, proceed to Step 3.
Step 3: 
Identify what specifically about your test of Initiation is challenging for you. Allow your feelings in relation to this challenge to emerge, in particular any fear you may be experiencing.
Step 4: 
Ask the Angel of Initiation to gently embrace your Heart Center, supporting you to experience, resolve, and transcend the feelings that have come up in relation to your test of Initiation. This is a step you may choose to come back to whenever you require support in working with your feelings.
Step 5: 
Ask the Angel of Initiation for guidance in relation to the challenge you face as part of your test of Initiation.
Step 6: 

Get support. Consider reaching out to others. We grow much faster when we allow others to support us, and our paths our eased as well.

A New Level of Consciousness
Successfully moving through our test of Initiation is how we become ready for the new level of life our Initiation offers us. We access the portal of Initiation through readiness. Be assured that you are capable of passing your test of Initiation.
From Poems from the Garden of Love: Words of Light & Inspiration by Natalia Rose Schotte
How wonderful that we are remembering our Selves as spiritual beings and allowing ourselves to become the embodiment of our Divine Nature.
Let us take a moment on August 31st to acknowledge ourselves and all who have supported us on our journey. Let us give thanks for our birth into a new level of reality.
I would love for you to join me for a ceremony of acknowledgement on August 31st.
Congratulations to us all!
All Love All Way,
Dr. Natalia Rose Schotte
Founder and President
La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences