Our Story

Our Story

Our Mission

“Our flower essences and affirmations offer you energetic support as you grow into your most loving, courageous, and purposeful self.”

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte Ph.D., O.M.

Since its inception, La Vie de la Rose has been dedicated to supporting women. We welcome women from all walks of life for our flower essences have a universal application to the spiritual journey of all women.

la vie de la rose flower essences

In 2006, Nataleah registered La Vie de la Rose to make her flower essences available to the world. A group of women became the founding mothers of the company. These women had experienced the power of her flower essences and joined her in a mission to share them with people around the world. The women worked at their jobs during the day and volunteered at La Vie de la Rose evenings and weekends. They gardened, made flower essences, ran the office, etc. It was a labor of love. These women distinguished themselves through a devotion to a higher purpose and a willingness to serve others. They made La Vie de la Rose and its service to humanity possible.

To this date, La Vie de la Rose sources its strength from its dedicated team.


In 2010, we won five awards through the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR), the trade association for the Mind Body Spirit marketplace; including Best Transformational Sideline and Best New Product of the Year. This buoyed our confidence, and in 2011 we began our first full year of sales. Before long, we were an international company. And we received other awards: Mom’s Choice Awards, Creative Magazine Awards, and more. 

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