Our Story

la vie de la rose flower essences dr Nataleah rose schotte

Our Story

Our Mission

La Vie de la Rose, LLC is an issues-driven company.
We offer innovative, powerful and transformative flower essences to support
1) Personal and global transcendence of
adversity and trauma
2) People to live in the light of their most radiant self and make their unique and essential
contribution to the world

In 2000, Dr. Schotte began developing her own system of healing. People flocked to her for private sessions as client after client shared their success stories with friends and family. She was working seven days a week and booked months in advance. Seeing the growing waitlist for her private sessions, Dr. Schotte said to the Universe:

“I am just one woman and there is so much suffering, there MUST be another way!"

Having worked with flower essences on her personal journey for many years, Dr. Schotte realized the solution she sought to serve the world lay within these natural remedies. Combining a lifetime of healing, much research and many thousands of hours of counseling trauma survivors, Dr. Schotte created an unprecedented collection of flower essences. These flower essences also became the focus of her Ph.D. thesis which she completed in 2008 in Therapeutic/Spiritual Counseling.

high vibrational flower essences dr Nataleah rose Schotte
la vie de la rose flower essences

It was a labor of love.

In 2006, Dr. Schotte registered La Vie de la Rose to make her flower essences available to the world.. Women from a healing group she facilitated became the founding mothers of the company. These women had experienced the power of her flower essences and joined her in a mission to share them with people around the world. The women worked at their jobs during the day and at La Vie de la Rose evenings and weekends. They gardened, made flower essences, ran the office, etc. It was a labor of love. These women distinguished themselves through a devotion to a higher purpose and a willingness to share their time and resources to serve others. They made La Vie de la Rose and its service to humanity possible.

To this date, La Vie de la Rose sources its strength from its dedicated team

Early Recognition

In 2010, we won five awards through the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR), the trade association for the Mind Body Spirit marketplace; including Best Transformational Sideline and Best New Product of the Year. This buoyed our confidence, and in 2011 we began our first full year of sales. Before long, we were an international company. And we received other awards: Mom’s Choice Awards, Creative Magazine Awards, and more.  We continue to maintain our industry leadership through our commitment to impeccability and innovation.

la vie de la rose flower essences awards
la vie de la rose flower essences

On July 17, 2020, we launched the new
La Vie de la Rose:

At the inception of this pandemic, Dr. Schotte realized that COVID-19 was creating a crisis for humanity. Before long she understood the crisis was multifaceted: the health crisis and corresponding financial challenges it catalyzed; escalating racism and systematic oppression; and increasingly frequent and intense environmental disasters and more. As a counselor, Dr. Schotte knows that crisis is an opportunity for positive growth and change.

Service has always been at the heart of everything we do, therefore La Vie de la Rose dedicated ourselves to supporting people to rise through these challenging times.

Dr. Schotte re-evaluated each essence in our line for how it could provide the highest level of support at this time. She recreated specific flower essence sets and developed new ones with the current crisis in mind.

Our new product line responds directly to the areas of life in which people are searching for energetic support today.

New purpose statements with even deeper meanings were revealed and new corresponding affirmations were written. Packaging was also redesigned to raise the vibratory rate to correspond with the higher vibration of the essences and writing. We have also launched a new website to provide an upgraded user experience.