We Support
Leaders & Social Activists

We support leaders and/or social activists who are creating a better world, assisting us to transcend the epidemic of adversity and trauma, including:

Clergy, Educators, First Responders, Environmentalists, Journalists, Lightworkers, Managers & Executives, Parents, Politicians, Philanthropists and/or Protestors

Our flower essences:
  • Activate the vision of your Soul
  • Provides you with an endless well of inner resources
  • Assists you to create change by elevating your consciousness
  • Summon the legions of light and support you to overturn darkness
  • Support you to follow the true north of your Soul and the Soul of your Nation
  • Inspire you to carry on
  • Fortify you as you face and overcome the resistance of the old regime and its power structures
  • Call you to collective consciousness and unity
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