We Support
People Healing from Adversity & Trauma

Our flower essences support your recovery from all forms of adversity and trauma including:

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Environmental and Health Disasters, Financial Challenges, Gender Discrimination, Loss of Loved Ones, Racism & Systemic Injustice, School and Learning Challenges, Separation & Divorce, Sexual Violation, Terrorism and War.

Our Flower Essences:
  • Work through your nervous system to activate healing at the highest level of your being
  • Work independently or as companions to other healing modalities
  • Offer unique healing patterns essential to the recovery process
  • Are a bridge to your Soul and the Soul qualities that allow you to achieve a transcendence of adversity and trauma
  • Activate the energetic healing of your feelings held within in your spiritual heart
  • They deepen and accelerate the healing process
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