We Support
Health & Healing Practitioners

We support health and healing practitioners working with people experiencing and/or recovering from adversity and trauma, including:

Bodyworkers, Counselors, Energy Workers, Funeral Directors, Homeopaths, Hospice Workers, Medical personnel, Naturopaths and/or Therapists

Our flower essences:
  • Center you in your Soul during times of crisis
  • Support you to serve from your Soul rather than your ego/personality
  • Assist you to use your service as a foundation for your personal healing and spiritual growth
  • Strengthen your channel to the infinite well of healing energy of your Soul
  • Support you to be compassionate, rather than codependent, in your service
  • Increase your vibratory rate and clear your energy grid
  • Elevate beyond the chaos of the outer world even as you engage in it
  • Activate your witness consciousness
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