Awakening Sensitivity [Tulip ‘Greenland’]

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One of The Trauma Recovery Solutions 

Learn to experience and honor your authentic feelings and inner experiences.

See below for Soul Statement, Dosage Instructions and more

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Soul Statement

I recognize that my capacity to feel and sense has been diminished by trauma. I understand that feeling detached, disconnected, and numb are natural responses to trauma. I release behaviors I use to “feel alive” and reawaken my feelings and Inner Senses. I register my authentic inner experiences, acknowledging abuse and injustice. I recognize when I am being diminished, dishonored, or disrespected. As I learn to experience and honor my authentic feelings, I become sensitive to the feelings of others as well.

How to Take This Flower Essences

Take in the morning and evening as follows:

Step 1: Say the name of the flower essence and flower—Awakening Sensitivity, Tulip Greenland.

Step 2: For daily support: Take one drop on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.
For accelerated activation: Take one dropperful on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

Step 3: Say the related Soul Statement provided above—ideally once a day—while taking the flower essences.

Our flower essences are designed for ongoing use. Take this flower essence in the morning and evening until you have finished the bottle. For optimal support, continue taking this flower essence and/or start taking a different flower essence or set. Find all our flower essence sets here.

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.


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