Divine Inspiration [Tulip ‘Toronto’]

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One of The Passion and Purpose Solutions

Express the bounty of creativity available through your Soul. Open to creative inspiration and access the magic and mystery of your Divine Self.

See below for Soul Statement, Dosage Instructions and more

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Soul Statement

My Soul is infinitely creative. I am now expressing the bounty of creativity available through my Soul. My passion and purpose soar as I open to creative inspiration and access the magic and mystery of my Divine Self. I surrender to the creative process. I dance to the rhythm of primordial sound. I experience the wild frontiers of my heart. I move from the unmanifested to the harmony inherent in Nature. I continually let go of control so that something new and unexpected emerges. Everything in my life is a creative endeavor and my passion is expressed in untold ways.

General Dosage Instructions

Take the flower essence in the morning and evening following these steps:

Step 1: Say the name of the flower essence and name of the flower.

Step 2: Take one drop of the flower essence on or under the tongue. For greater effect, take a dropperful (10-12 drops).

Step 3: Say the related Soul Statement (provided above) at least once per day.

Take twice daily until you have finished the bottle.

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.


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