Goddess Magick Flower Essences™

For Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire


As a woman, you have a unique aptitude for Goddess Magick – the ability to create, magnetize, and manifest miracles. When you are empowered by your Soul and motivated by love, you are capable of being a masterful creatrix. Miracle creation begins in the unseen world of energy where form is coalesced. It is supported by your ability to use the power of your energetic grid to magnetize what you require and your partnerships with Nature and Spirit. 

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Gift of God - Peony 'Sorbet'

I AM experiencing the fulfillment of my desires as blessings of love from the universe that exponentially expand my consciousness. My life is full of miracles that spontaneously appear in forms that serve my highest good in the moment.

Perfected Manifestation - White Lily-of-the-Valley

Perfected manifestation of my Soul is my deepest aspiration and my greatest achievement. I am a flower in bloom in the garden of love growing into a perfected specimen and the master gardener of my Soul, too. The garden of my Soul is flourishing and I am content tending my creations.

Spiritual Magnetism - Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel'

I AM inspired by visions from my Soul and creating a life filled with ever-expanding experiences of abundance and love. As a spiritually activated and magnetic woman, I AM magnetizing a life that reflects the grandeur of my Soul.