Rapid Response
Flower Essences™

For Support During Life’s Challenging Times


Life is fraught with challenges intended to fuel our spiritual growth. Blessedly, spiritual support – through our Souls and the angels, as agents of the Divine Presence on Earth – is always available through invocation. One of our lessons is to hone our skills of partnering with the Divine: to learn to ask for what truly serves our higher good and to receive the Divine response to our request.

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Angel Wings - Tulip Tree 'Lennei'

I am opening my channel of intuitive receptivity and welcome your Divine response to my invocation. I am committing to accepting the support I receive no matter where it leads me, knowing I am carried on the wings of angels.

Divine Flame - Lilac 'Common Hedge'

I am calling forth energetic support for healing my heart center NOW. I am activating the courage to face what lies within my heart center. I am placing my heart center on the altar of my Soul and allowing the Divine Flame of transmutation to purify it.

Miracles - Viburnum Shrub 'Mohican'

I am channeling unconditional love to my relationships. I am opening to Soulful perceptions of myself and others, taking responsibility for my part in the challenges in my relationships. I am allowing love’s healing ways to transform me.