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Bright Being
Flower Essences™

For Empowering Your Hopeful Spirit


Sometimes life presents challenges that leave you feeling discouraged and disheartened. Through your Soul, you can regain the optimism and hopefulness that characterize your spiritual essence.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Exuberant Heart - Rose 'Passionate Kisses'

I am remembering my hopeful heart and the perpetual rainbow of my Soul. I am becoming an explorer of delight and embarking on an adventure in novelty. With a song in my heart, I am kissing my blues farewell.

Generosity - Rose 'Angel Face'

I remember that all I require is available through the generosity of the Universe. I answer the call of my Soul to share with an open heart...As I extend without reservation, I become a miracle in others’ lives.

Sacred Celebration - Lilac 'Miss Canada'

I am healing experiences that have diminished my joyful embrace of life and restoring my sense of wonder. I am setting a table of love and sharing the bounty of my jubilant spirit with others.