Grieving Heart
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Our hearts grieve in the face of our losses, and the depth and breadth of our grief may surprise us. We may wonder how we can bear the pain we experience when we lose who or what we most value. Our grieving heart is a bridge between the world of the finite and infinite. If we allow it, our grieving heart will carry us to our Souls. In so doing, grief gifts us with the transformation of our perceptions whereby we come to know ourselves as eternal.

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Awakened Being - Tulip 'Angelique'

Grief is awakening me from the slumber of my earthly existence. My tears of sorrow are like rain in a drought, a life-giving force of Nature. All rain is followed by sunshine: the radiance of my awakening is the gift of my loss.

Inner Sanctuary - Rose 'Europeana'

My Divine Self resides in a holy temple of peace and tranquility. This is my eternal abode to which I can return at will. I am closing my eyes and with just the thought of home, I am being transported beyond time and space. 

Innocence - Rose 'Tranquility'

Today, I hear my grieving heart’s cry for compassion and release from self-recrimination. The soft touch of my Soul comes upon me. The guilt of the long night is illuminated in the light of day.

Path of Beauty - Rose 'Seven Sisters'

In the midst of my greatest losses, even in my darkest moments, beauty emerges with its grace, upliftment, and incredible capacity to transform pain and suffering. Everywhere I turn the beauty of my Soul is enveloping me, and my heart bows before the majesty of all that is my life.

Spiritual Protection - Weeping High Cherry Tree

I am listening to the voice within me: a mantra that soothes my fears and assures me I am forever safe in the love that is my source. My nightmares are giving way to beautiful dreams and inner peace gifts me with a still mind and gentle heart.

Stalwart - Hydrangea 'Paniculata Limelight'

Fearless in spirit and a child of the Light, I am vanquishing my fears and rescuing my heart. A heart free of fear knows only power. I am radiating Light and dispelling darkness. Courage is my companion and self-determination my guiding force.