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Grieving Heart
Flower Essences™

For Traversing the Sacred Passages of Life


Earth is a spiritual school that presents lessons of Soulful significance. As you master these lessons, you grow spiritually, elevating your consciousness and developing greater self-mastery. Points of crisis are an integral part of the spiritual curriculum of Earth school. When you experience your points of crisis as sacred journeys to higher ground, you emerge spiritually triumphant.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Awakened Being - Tulip 'Angelique'

I open to the illuminated awareness through which I become conscious of the hidden dynamics and higher purpose of my experience. I access the courage, determination and spiritual will to grow through loss, knowing I am on the path of becoming an awakened being.

Inner Sanctuary - Rose 'Europeana'

I withdraw my senses from the outer world and enter the inner sanctuary of my Soul. In the stillness of this sanctuary, I find solace for my weeping heart and healing for my weary spirit. Through my Soul, I am reminded that life is eternal and love is never-ending.

Innocence - Rose 'Tranquility'

I release the guilt within my grieving heart to the river of my Soul and I am cleansed by Divine Love. As I purify my heart of self-judgment, I gaze upon the world anew, seeing myself and others with gentleness and compassion. 

Path of Beauty - Rose 'Seven Sisters'

I enter the garden of love within my Soul and I am comforted by its magnificent beauty...I perceive the gifts of Spirit that abound despite external appearances. I walk the path of beauty and color everything I do with the beauty of my Soul. 

Spiritual Protection - Weeping High Cherry Tree

I transmute my fears through the power of Soul love. Whenever I feel unsafe, I remember that fearlessness is the remedy I seek and it is ever-present through my Soul.

Stalwart - Hydrangea 'Paniculata Limelight'

Through my Soul, I invigorate my spiritual warrior. I take courageous action and speak truth in alignment with my Soul. I am Soulfully empowered.