Rapid Response
Flower Essences™

For Quickening Subtle Energy Transformation


Subtle energy is the unseen fabric of life. Transformation of life situations begins in our subtle energy systems. What we require in our challenging moments are rapid shifts in our subtle energy systems and the ability to externalize them. Invocations through declarations, petitions, and prayers are how we engage the higher realms (Angels, Ascended Masters, our Higher Selves, etc.) to support the subtle energy shifts we require, particularly rapid or even instantaneous ones.

The Rapid Response Flower Essences™ provide energetic support when you seek an immediate answer to a prayer, when your heart cries out for healing, and when you face a relationship challenge. They assist you as you learn to invoke, open to, utilize, and integrate energetic transmissions to create shifts and changes in yourself and your life. May these Gifts of Nature and Sacred Affirmations strengthen your co-creative and self-healing abilities.

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Angel Wings - Tulip Tree 'Lennei'

I am opening my channel of intuitive receptivity and welcome your Divine response to my invocation. I am committing to accepting the support I receive no matter where it leads me, knowing I am carried on the wings of angels.

Divine Flame - Lilac 'Common Hedge'

I am calling forth energetic support for healing my heart center NOW. I am activating the courage to face what lies within my heart center. I am placing my heart center on the altar of my Soul and allowing the Divine Flame of transmutation to purify it.

Miracles - Viburnum Shrub 'Mohican'

I am calling forth a relationship miracle NOW. I am channeling unconditional love to my relationships. I am opening to Soulful perceptions of myself and others, taking responsibility for my part in the challenges in my relationships. I am allowing love’s healing ways to transform me.