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Rapid Response
Flower Essences™

For Accessing Urgently Required Spiritual Support


Though life is challenging, agents of the Divine presence on Earth – Angels, your Soul and Spirit Guides – are always available to support you.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Angel Wings - Tulip Tree 'Lennei'

I invoke my Angelic Response Team NOW. I open my heart and mind to your Divine response, knowing you always encourage my greatest empowerment. I trust that I am carried on the wings of angels as I face the challenge before me.

Divine Flame - Lilac 'Common Hedge'

I call forth Divine support for healing my heart NOW. I activate the courage to face what lies within my heart center. I accept healing through the light of my Soul and upliftment through the resiliency of my spirit.

Miracles - Viburnum Shrub 'Mohican'

I call forth a relationship miracle NOW. I place my heart on the altar of Soul love and allow love’s healing ways to transform me. I release the attachments that prevent me from following the impulses of my Soul and surrender to Soulful relatedness.