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Serving Humanity
Flower Essences™

For Elevating the Dedicated World Server


Serving humanity is a higher purpose that demands self-awareness, self-regulation and self-responsibility. Your higher purpose provides great opportunity for spiritual evolution because of the challenges it entails and the commitment it requires.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Commitment to Heal - Weigela 'Red Prince'

I commit to the evolution of my consciousness as the purpose of my Soul on Earth. I commit to cultivating oneness as my state of mind, intimacy as its expression, and extension of Self through unconditional love as its manifestation.

Commitment to Soul - Rose 'Gemini'

I commit to living a Soul-centered life.I commit to fulfilling the infinite potential available to me through my Soul. I commit to becoming all that I can be and doing all that I can do on behalf of my Soul

Detachment from External Power - Iris 'Love the Sun'

I recognize that the power available through the outer world is illusory. I express the power of my Soul through forgiveness, integrity, neutrality, truthfulness, and unconditional love.

Power Balance - Bee Balm 'Jacob Cline'

I recognize that power balance emanates from the equality and neutrality of my Soul. I commit to the energetic clarity underlying power balance and to living from the authentic power of my Soul.

Transcending Self Importance - Tulip 'Black Hero'

I embrace humanity as my family and assume responsibility for the one life we share. I make decisions that serve the higher good of everyone involved.

Willingness to Heal - Rose 'Honey Perfume'

I know my inner healing is the path of enlightenment and the source of my greatest service. I commit to healing the darkness within and create an energetic field of illumination that activates, empowers and uplifts others.