Spiritual Activism
Flower Essences™

For Expressing Your Compassionate Heart


You are here to make a unique and important contribution that increases the light on Earth. Your Soul is the source of your courage, inspiration and motivation. It is your advocate, your champion, and your muse. With your Soul as your guide, you are a creative agent of positive change.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Divine Inspiration - Tulip 'Toronto'

I hear the cries of the suffering heart and my tears of compassion inspire me to take hold of a torch for change. I declare my allegiance to the light and invoke the spiritual activist within my Soul. I join the legions of light-workers in a Divinely inspired movement to elevate consciousness on Earth.

Inner Compass - Rose 'Bewitched'

Darkness is obscuring the path ahead, and yet I move forward with confidence because I carry the compass of my Soul. I use the power of intention and invocation to chart my course. I call forth the tenacity of my spirit to take each step before me, even though I may not know where it leads.

Unfolding Higher Purpose - Bee Balm 'Raspberry Wine'

I know I am on Earth to fulfil a higher purpose, to support the transformation of darkness to light. I dedicate myself to this purpose now, recognizing that I am worthy and capable of fulfilling my mission. I am uplifting myself and everyone around me through the power of my convictions and my dedication to the ascendancy of the human Soul.