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Spiritual activism is any action, physical or metaphysical, that heals people’s hearts, uplifts their spirits, and transforms consciousness. The multifaceted challenges facing humanity, including climate, health, financial, political, and racial injustice have catalyzed an unparalleled point of crisis. Through spiritual activism, this crisis can serve as a springboard to a more conscious and healed world. 

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.



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Excerpts of Affirmations

Divine Inspiration - Tuip 'Toronto'

I call forth my inspired contribution to the path of empowerment during this global point of crisis. I step into the alchemical caldron of creation and I am transformed into a Divine instrument for galvanizing progress towards justice and freedom for all.

Inner Compass - Rose 'Bewtiched'

I attune to my Higher Self, listen for direction, and confidently take the step before me. When I experience fear, hesitancy, or insecurity, I remind myself that the destination of the Soul of humanity is set and the ultimate victory of the Light assured.

Unfolding Higher Purpose - Bee Balm 'Raspberry Wine'

I am fulfilling the mission that I have accepted and I am emerging triumphant in the face of  forces of oppression and resistance. I am uplifting myself and everyone around me through the power of my convictions and my devotion to the ascendancy of the human spirit.