Trauma Recovery
Flower Essences™

For Healing your Wounded Heart Center


I define trauma is any experience that leaves a deep and painful energetic imprint in our heart centers. 

The Earth plane is a place of duality in which we experience the polarity of dark/fear and Light/love. Trauma is how we experience the dark side of life and trauma recovery is how we emerge triumphant in the Light. Throughout history, our response to trauma has been denial and suppression because we weren’t spiritually prepared for heart-centered healing. Now, many people are embracing the deep healing of the heart center required for spiritual liberation. 

The Trauma Recovery Flower Essences™ correspond with the six pillars of heart-centered trauma recovery that I identified over decades of research and clinical work as a trauma specialist and spiritual counselor. These flower essences offer energetic support as you heal your heart center through the Light of your Soul. May these Gifts of Nature and Sacred Affirmations be a companion on your journey of recovery.  

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Awakening Sensitivity - Tulip 'Greenland'

I know the pain of the past lies within my heart center and awaits the healing touch of my Soul. As I experience my feelings, I am healing my way to spiritual liberation and the sovereignty of my Soul.

Being Nurtured - Rose 'Darlow's Enigma'

I am being held in the gentle embrace of my Soul and welcoming its nurturing essence into my heart center. I no longer seek solace outside myself for I have found the remedy for my wounded heart center within my Soul.

Experiencing Empathy - Peony 'Karl Rosenfield'

I am invoking the empathy of my Soul. I am being healed by the perfect understanding and immeasurable compassion of my Soul. I am accepting that my authentic feelings harm no one and my only responsibility is to the truth.

Finding Liberation - Rose 'Mount Shasta'

I am a warrior of the Light, dispelling the darkness within my heart center. I am restoring my innate courage and releasing myself from the prison of fear. I am rising up and breaking free from the bondage of oppression. I am emerging triumphant in my life and victorious in the battles of my Soul.

Restoring Trust - Peony 'Gay Paree'

I am acknowledging the distortions within my heart center as a result of my experiences of betrayal and mistrust. I am healing the deep sadness and fear of intimacy that have resulted from these painful experiences. As I heal, I am breaking free of my wounded history of relationships and restoring my trusting and trustworthy nature.

Taking Shelter - Hibiscus 'Blue
River II'

Sheltered by Divine love, I am discovering the protection I seek within my Soul. Whenever I am frightened, I am remembering that my fears are a projection of the past onto the present. As I heal my heart center, I am creating a personal reality in which I feel safe and protected.