Women’s Self-Honoring
Flower Essences™

For Embracing Self-Care and Self-Love


I created the Women’s Self-Honoring Flower Essences™ to support you to activate three essential Soul dynamics for elevating your self-perception: Infinite Love, Sacred Marriage, and Transfiguration. These flower essences support you to heal the diminished perception of yourself that you share with all women as a result of millennia of male-dominated philosophies and religions and to reclaim and honor your inherent value as a woman. 

Women’s self-honoring is an extension of a perception of self that acknowledges the Sacred Feminine within each woman.The Sacred Feminine is the feminine archetype infused with a woman’s Soul. The Women’s Self-Honoring Flower Essences™ are like a bouquet of exquisite roses sent to you from a secret lover. The lover is your Soul and each rose a message of love and appreciation that heals your wounded self-perception and rekindles your love affair with yourself. These flower essences are teachers of self-care, self-regard, and self-respect, supporting you to learn to live in reverence to the Goddess within.

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.


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Excerpts of Affirmations

Commitment to Soul - Rose 'Gemini'

I AM recognizing myself as an expression of the Divine feminine. I am cherishing myself for who I am and honoring my unique spiritual journey. I am learning to live from my sacred center and committing to the path of my Soul.

Hu-manessence - Hardy Lily 'Butter Pixie'

I AM entering the holy process of transfiguration through which my body is sanctified as the vessel of my Soul. I am consecrating my body as a temple of the goddess…I am radiating the luminescence of my Divine being.

Spiritual Time - Rose 'Love'

I am honoring the cycles of Nature. I am celebrating the holy days of Mother Earth—the changing of the seasons, the new and full moons. I am living in harmony with the cosmos and experiencing awe at the expanse of the universe.”