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Healing Child
Flower Essences™

For Safeguarding the Sensitive Hearts of Children (Birth – Age 19)


*Our children’s flower essences preserved in vinegar contain a trace amount of alcohol (0.2%).

Children have sensitive hearts. They feel deeply though they may mask their feelings. Acknowledging their feelings in a supportive environment is key to their healing. Regardless of how great the challenge, when children feel their way through their experiences, they can recover and move forward unimpeded.


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Excerpts of Purpose Statements

Changing Colors - Tulip 'Beauty of Apeldoorn'

Changing Colors supports children to heal the challenges that arise in their relationships with their blood supports children to develop authenticity, intimacy, self-worth and strength of character.

Happy Family - Tulip 'Happy Family'

Happy Family supports children to find balance and harmony within the family and assists them to cope with family related changes and challengesIt is a healing balm for the heart center of children in times of family distress.

Triumph - Tulip 'Red Riding Hood'

Triumph supports children to heal the effects of trauma, e.g., irrational fears or phobias, unexplained negative reactions to people, places, and things. As children heal trauma, they overcome fear and develop an adventurous spirit.