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Awakened Being

Tulip ‘Angelique’


Part of the Grieving Heart Flower Essences™

  • Activates and supports accelerated progression through the three primary phases of conscious spiritual growth: spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and ascension
  • Catalyzes the inner healing and external rectification of your karma
  • Supports you to release your fear of change and use the challenges you face to move to higher ground

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For maximum benefit, we recommend taking Awakened Being as part of The Grieving Heart Flower Essences™ set. Synergistically, this set of flower essences creates an effect where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

"The Grieving Heart Flower Essences™ cushion the spiritual passages catalyzed by life’s most challenging experiences and their accompanying losses. These flower essences offer unprecedented energetic support during the dark night of the Soul and other trying times. May these gifts of Nature and inspired affirmations be a healing balm to your grieving heart."

~ Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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