Exuberant Heart

Rose ‘Passionate Kisses’


Accompanying Affirmation:

“I am remembering my hopeful heart and the perpetual rainbow of my Soul. I am becoming an explorer of delight and embarking on an adventure in novelty. With a song in my heart, I am kissing my blues farewell.

Part of the Bright Being Flower Essences™


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For maximum benefit, we recommend taking Exuberant Heart as part of the Bright Being Flower Essences™ set. Synergistically, this set of flower essences creates an effect where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

"The Bright Being Flower Essences™ support you to radiate the light of your Soul regardless of external circumstances. These flower essences offer unprecedented energetic support for transcending the gravitational pull of challenging experiences and to soar untethered above the fray. May these Gifts of Nature and Sacred Affirmations assist you to live in a state of perpetual spiritual expansion."

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D., O.M.

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