Happy Family [Tulip ‘Happy Family’]

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Part of The New Millennium Children Solutions Flower Essence Set

Assists children to adjust to temporary and permanent changes in family structures, to release old forms and accept new forms. Also assists children to rise above the judgments of others in relation to particular family structures and changes. Supports movement through an authentic Inner Healing process in which feelings triggered by family structure changes/issues are resolved and pertinent spiritual lessons learned.

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Expanded Purpose Statement

Changes in family structure are caused by many factors, e.g, addition of another child through birth, adoption, foster care; absence of a family member as a result of military duty, imprisonment, or rehabilitation, etc.; separation or divorce of parents; divorced parents entering new relationships; merging of two families when parents remarry; and death of a family member. Changes in family structure can be destabilizing for children, who often experience intense feelings in relation to such changes. In addition, changes within the family – as well as non-traditional family structures – can bring up a sense of discomfort or shame within children, especially if they experience judgments from peers and/or society. Happy Family assists children to resolve difficult feelings triggered by changes in family structure and/or in relation to reactions of others to events within the family. It supports children to find balance and stability in situations/transitions involving family structure, and to cultivate an attitude of graceful acceptance.

General Dosage Instructions

Give the flower essence to the child in the morning and evening following these steps:

Step 1: For young childrensay the name of the flower essence and name of the flower. Older children can say the name of the flower essence themselves.

Step 2: Give one drop of the flower essence on or under the tongue. For greater effect, give a dropperful (10-12 drops).

Give twice daily until the bottle is finished. If you are giving the child more than one flower essence, give them one after another (as opposed to all together).

Our flower essences are preserved in either brandy or vinegar. For infants up to nine months of age, place a drop of the flower essence on the brow chakra located between the eyes. For children older than nine months, the flower essences may be administered on or under the tongue or in a small glass of water.

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.


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