The Goddess Magick Solutions

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Flower Essences for Manifesting
Your Heart’s Desires

Are you ready to….

  • Activate perfected manifestation of your heart’s desires?
  • Collapse the time-space continuum, quickening your ability to manifest?
  • Consciously create Gifts of God in your life?
  • Create a life worthy of the magnificence of your Divine Self?
  • Utilize self-love and self-pleasuring to enhance your spiritual magnetism?

THE GODDESS MAGICK SOLUTIONS utilize the power of nature to activate three essential Soul dynamics: miracle manifestation, spiritual magnetism, and intentional materialization. 


You are an Empress, a Goddess, and a Priestess. Empowered by your heart and energized by your sexuality, you are a masterful creatrix. You are orchestrating the unseen world and materializing energy into form. You are commanding the phenomenal world. You are creating a life worthy of the magnificence of your Divine Self.

THE GODDESS MAGICK SOLUTIONS activate your ability to create miracles, enhance your magnetic grid, and use the power of love to manifest. These flower essences excite your imagination and lead you to the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

This set includes three flowers essences in individually sealed glass dropper bottles plus a beautiful full-color booklet with Soul Statements and dosage instructions.

See below for complimentary video training, Soul Statements, and dosage instructions.


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Gift of God – Peony ‘Sorbet’

Soul Statement: I honor my heart-centered desires and declare my worthiness to receive. I interact with non-linear reality to accelerate the fulfillment of my desires. I surrender to Spirit-directed spontaneity and the synchronicity orchestrated by my Soul. I experience the fulfillment of my desires as blessings of love from the Universe that exponentially expand my consciousness. My life is full of miracles that spontaneously appear in forms that serve me in the moment. I am constantly reminded that angels of Divine light are always present to support me. I live in gratitude and love.


Magnetism – Clematis ‘Dr. Ruppel’

Soul Statement: I activate my spiritual magnetism through the power of my Soul. I enhance my magnetism through my sexuality. I use self-pleasuring to empower my intentions and energize my magnetic field. I create a fountain of super-charged orgasmic energy through self-love that continuously increases my spiritual magnetism. As a spiritually activated and magnetic woman, I magnetize a life that reflects the grandeur of my Soul. I think big and aim high. I extend my energetic grid into the future through conscious intention and move forward with spiritual confidence.


Perfected Manifestation – Lily of the Valley

Soul StatementI embrace unconditional love as the path of perfected manifestation and witness the materialization of my highest aspirations. I enter the magic and mystery of the invisible world to coalesce energy into form. I command the phenomenal world through empowered action. I am the Empress of my lifea regal expression of my Soulcapable of creating what I choose. I do everything with impeccability and become a perfected expression of my luminous being. I call upon the intelligence in Nature and the wisdom of Spirit to support me to overcome all obstacles to manifestation. I know all things are possible and there is a solution to every challenge.

How to Take Your Flower Essences

Take each flower essence in the set—one after another—in the morning and evening as follows: 

Step 1:   Say the name of the flower essence and flower—e.g. Gift of God – Peony ‘Sorbet’.

Step 2:   For daily support: Take one drop on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

              For accelerated activation: Take one dropperful on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

Step 3:  Say the related Soul Statement provided above and in the booklet that comes with the set—ideally once a day—while taking each flower essences.

Take all the flower essences in this set in the morning and evening until you have finished the bottles.
Our flower essences are designed for ongoing use. We recommend re-ordering this set or ordering a different set.
Find all our flower essence sets here

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.

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