The New Millennium Children Solutions

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Winner: 2015 Coalition of Visionary Resources – (learn more>>)
Finalist: 2015 Coalition of Visionary Resources – (learn more>>)
Winner: 2014 Creative Child Magazine – (learn more>>)
Winner: 2014 Mom’s Choice Awards® – (learn more>>)

At this time, there are many individuals incarnating who are spiritually prepared to pursue Accelerated Spiritual Growth – to achieve the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime that would ordinarily be experienced over many. The New Millennium Children Solutions provide an unprecedented opportunity for children (birth to age 18) to resolve Karma in relationships with blood peers, heal feelings triggered by changes in or judgments about family structure, and erase imprints originating from unresolved trauma in past lives. The New Millennium Children Solutions support the birth of the new human who is spiritually activated and fully conscious. The New Millennium Children Solutions includes:

  • 3 x ½ oz or 2 oz individually sealed glass flower essence bottles
  • Full-color card describing the purpose of the set, the purpose of each flower essence and application instructions
  • High quality box featuring a full-color photo of a flower from which one of the flower essences in the set is made

NOTE: Our flower essences are available in either brandy or vinegar* preservation; children may prefer to take the drops in water rather than on or under the tongue.

*Our flower essences preserved in vinegar contain a trace amount of alcohol (0.2%).

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This flower essence set includes: (for expanded purpose statements for each flower essences, click the flower photo or flower name)

Changing ColorsChanging Colors – Tulip ‘Hamilton’

Supports children to heal and balance peer relationships within the biological family (blood peers), e.g., siblings, half-siblings, cousins. Promotes harmony where there is conflict; power balance where there is a power-over and/or power-under dynamic; social maturation in lieu of arrested development; and social engagement instead of social isolation. Assists transcendence of Karmic reenactment and the emergence of Soul-infused relationships.

Happy FamilyHappy Family – Tulip ‘Happy Family’

Assists children to adjust to temporary and permanent changes in family structures—to release old forms and accept new forms. Also assists children to rise above the judgments of others in relation to particular family structures and changes. Supports movement through an authentic Inner Healing process in which feelings triggered by family structure changes/issues are resolved and pertinent spiritual lessons learned.

Triumph1Triumph – Tulip ‘Red Riding Hood’

Assists children to resolve challenges that originate in past lives, e.g., body, learning and social issues, fears/phobias; unbalanced emotional and/or personality tendencies; and addictive and/or destructive behaviors. Supports children to experience repressed feelings and memories from past lives leading to a state of Karmic resolution in which the legacy of the past is transcended.

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Brandy, Vinegar


0.5oz Travel Size, 2oz Signature Size

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  1. Adrienne M

    Bedtime wouldn’t be complete without La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences. Since Shane (11) and Devin (16) started taking The New Millennium Children Solutions, they have been interested in each other, in being home more, talking and laughing. Their conversations with each other and especially their father have taken on a new depth of connection. Thank you Natalia and all of the wonderful folks out in Grand Rapids!

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