NEW! The Passion and
Purpose Solutions

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Flower Essences for Expressing
Your Divinely Inspired Self

Are you ready to…

  • Overcome the obstacles to truly pursuing YOUR Passion?
  • Remove the restrictions to living YOUR Life’s Purpose?
  • Break through the limitations of YOUR circumstances, YOUR conditioning, and YOUR past?
  • Discover and tap into YOUR Divine inspiration?

If You answered “YES” to any/all of these, The Passion and Purpose Solutions will support you to utilize the power of Nature to achieve this and more.

You are a divinely inspired creation. Your essence reflects the passion and purpose of the Universe. Passion and purpose pulse through your being. Passion and purpose are part of the matrix of your essential Self. Your purpose is to create an ecstatic life. Your passion is the energy through which you do this. The Passion and Purpose Solutions elevate you to a life where your Sacred Self is fully activated and expressed in all you do. These six flower essences lead you to the freedom of your Spirit and the wild frontiers of your Soul.

This set includes six flowers essences in individually sealed glass dropper bottles plus a beautiful full-color booklet with Soul Statements and dosage instructions.

See below for Soul Statements and dosage instructions



The Passion and Purpose Solutions

Captivation – Rose ‘Bewitched

Soul Statement: I am enchanted by my Soul—bewitched by my Divine partner on this sacred spiritual journey. Through my Soul, I experience my ecstatic nature and the purpose of my being. I clear all obstacles to living the life of my Soul and enter the rapture of my Divine Self. In the sanctuary of my Soul, my creative passions are stirred. My heart is on fire with potentiality. I break free of my past and the limitations I have imposed on myself. My spirit soars in this eternal captivation with my Soul.

Divine Inspiration – Tulip ‘Toronto’

Soul Statement: My Soul is infinitely creative. I am now expressing the bounty of creativity available through my Soul. My passion and purpose are ignited as I open to creative inspiration and access the magic and mystery of my Divine Self. I surrender to the creative process. I dance to the rhythm of primordial sound. I experience the wild frontiers of my heart. I move from the unmanifested to the harmony inherent in Nature. I continually let go of control so that something new and unexpected emerges. Everything in my life is a creative endeavor and my passion is expressed in untold ways.

Increasing Light Quotient – Lavender ‘Hidcote Blue’

Soul Statement: I am a being of Light—an exquisite expression of my Soul. I utilize the Light of my Soul to transform my life, removing all obstacles from my path as they arise. I achieve my highest aspirations, attuning my vibratory rate to the level of my desires, dreams, and intentions. Through the Light of my Soul, I am becoming a master creator, capable of commanding the outer world. I resolve all challenges and manifest all I intend by opening to ever-greater infusions of Soul Light. I allow the radiance of my Soul to shine forth through my consciousness and my life. I experience the expanding reality of my Soul at all times. I live in a moment-by-moment state of bliss.


Magnetism – Clematis ‘Dr. Ruppel’

Soul Statement: I am a spiritually magnetic being. I activate my spiritual magnetism through intentionality. I set intentions that allow for my deepest fulfillment and joy. My intentions are infused with the desires of my heart and the knowing of my Soul. With singlepointed focus, I reach out with my heart throughout the universe calling forth all that is required for the realization of my sacred intentions. With deep serenity and spiritual confidence, I await the arrival of what I have called forth. In gratitude, I celebrate all I have received, all I am receiving, and all I will receive through Divine beneficence.

Perfected Manifestation – Lily of the Valley

Soul Statement: I am a being of love whose purpose is to create the life of my Soul in form. Motivated by my heart, I produce only healing and oneness. I choose peace as the foundation for my life and manifest peace through right action. I experience passion and purpose as I manifest the desires, dreams, and intentions that emanate from my Soul. I transcend the fear that motivates material and monetary acquisition. I follow the higher aspirations of my Soul and I collaborate with others to achieve a Higher Purpose. I co-create a planetary wave of transformation and enlightenment.

Unfolding Higher Purpose – Bee Balm ‘Raspberry Wine’

Soul Statement: I am an irrepressible dreamer and majestic creator with an ever-unfolding higher purpose. I allow my higher purpose to express through infinite possibility and potential. I am one with the boundless well of creation. I nurture my developing self and the unborn creations of my Soul. I surrender to Divine timing and await the moment of birth. I am enlivened by the manifestations of my imagination. I live on the edge of my potential, stretching myself as I develop new personal qualities, learn new skills, and take the risks inherent in evolving my purpose to its perfected form. I let go when the time arises and begin the cycle of creation anew.

How to Take Your Flower Essences

Take each flower essence in the set—one after another—in the morning and evening as follows:

Step 1:     Say the name of the flower essence and flower—e.g. Gift of God – Peony ‘Sorbet’.

Step 2:     For daily support: Take one drop on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

                For accelerated activation: Take one dropperful on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

Step 3:     Say the related Soul Statement—ideally once a day—while taking each flower essence.
(Soul Statements are provided above and in the booklet that comes with the set.)

Take all the flower essences in this set in the morning and evening until you have finished the bottles.
Our flower essences are designed for ongoing use. We recommend re-ordering this set or ordering a different set.
Find all our flower essence sets here

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.

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1 review for NEW! The Passion and
Purpose Solutions

  1. Donna Mosher

    I have been trying to manifest a work project for three years, with only slow progress. Since taking these essences, I feel like I’ve been blasted into hyperdrive! It is still hard work, but now I have the enthusiasm, support, and sense of anticipation to bring my little project into the world.

    Here is the best part: The intention (or prayer) included with each potion is simply splendid. I feel like I’m calling in the angels to evoke and support my personal magnificence. Each sentence in each intention is powerful, and I look forward to manifesting them!

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