The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions

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The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions are interventions in the human energy system. They generate instantaneous Spiritual Healing that immediately expresses as shifts in perception that allow you to transform your outer world in the moment. The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions are tremendously supportive of long-term psycho-spiritual growth processes and are ideal in healing and relationship ‘crises’.

The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions includes:

  • 3 x ½ oz or 2 oz individually sealed glass flower essence bottles
  • Full-color card describing the purpose of the set, the purpose of each flower essence and application instructions
  • High quality box featuring a full-color photo of a flower from which one of the flower essences in the set is made

See below for Soul Statements, dosage instructions and more.

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Click photos to learn more about the individual flower essences in this set.

angel-wingsAngel Wings: The Prayer Solution – Magnolia Tree ‘Lennei’

Soul Statement: I develop a conscious relationship with my Angelic Response Team. I collaborate with my Team to clarify and manifest what is required to fulfill my highest spiritual potential. I receive immediate spiritual assistance.

divine-flameDivine Flame: The Ascension Solution – Lilac ‘Common Hedge’

Soul Statement: I expand my ability to live as my Divine Self. I receive immediate spiritual assistance in relation to a specific healing challenge/issue and during “healing crises.”

miraclesMiracles: The Relationship Solution – Viburnum Tree ‘Mohican’

Soul Statement: I shift the perceptions that underlie my relationship challenges. I discover Soul-based solutions and transform interpersonal dynamics through Unconditional Love. I receive a relationship miracle when I require one.


How to Take Your Flower Essences

Take each flower essence in the set—one after another—in the morning and evening as follows:

Step 1:     Say the name of the flower essence and flower—e.g. Gift of God – Peony ‘Sorbet’.

Step 2:     For daily support: Take one drop on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

                For accelerated activation: Take one dropperful on or under the tongue in the morning and evening.

Step 3:     Say the related Soul Statement provided—ideally once a day—while taking each flower essence.

Take all the flower essences in this set in the morning and evening until you have finished the bottles. Our flower essences are designed for ongoing use.

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.

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Brandy, Vinegar


0.5oz Travel Size, 2oz Signature Size

1 review for The Spiritual Acceleration Solutions

  1. Mary E

    Thank you both so much for supporting my inquiries and purchase of Essences. They arrived several days ago and have been ‘initiated’ with Joy. I love creating sacred spaces to amplify my appreciation and use of ‘tools’ – they are nestled into a spot where I can see & use them daily. It has been wonderful to listen for the ways the Essences wish to be acknowledged. I sit, open, and thank them as I dose. They have offered succinct, clear guidance. I Am grateful and so very blessed to Be supported in these ways.

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