The Ascension Oracle Solutions

$150.00 USD

Winner: 2012 Best New Product in Group – Coalition of Visionary Resources

Featuring the energetically evolved flowers grown in the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences, The Ascension Oracle Solutions includes the 30 La Vie de la Rose flower essences in dram bottles corresponding to the 30 cards in The Ascension Oracle: Guidance for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™.

The Ascension Oracle provides specific information on new patterns of higher consciousness and how to activate these patterns in your life. The Ascension Oracle Solutions energetically support you to integrate the patterns described in The Ascension Oracle into your life. The combination of energetic activation and physical action provides an unprecedented opportunity for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™.





How to Use The Ascension Oracle and The Ascension Oracle Solutions

1. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, balancing and centering yourself.

2. Shuffle the deck of cards.

3. Set an intention to receive the most appropriate message at this time (general or in relation to a specific challenge, goal or issue).

4. Pick a card using your intuition, dowsing and/or muscle checking (kinesiology testing) after cutting or fanning the deck.

5. Sit with the card, communing with the energy of the flower pictured in the photo.

6. Take one drop of the corresponding flower essence from The Ascension Oracle Solutions.

7. Read the message of the card. Contemplate the message and determine how it specifically relates to you and your life situation. You may find it useful to journal and/or discuss the card with a trusted friend and/or spiritual advisor.

8. Decide how to implement the guidance indicated in the card. Make a commitment to follow through.

9. Take the recommended daily dosage of the corresponding flower essence from The Ascension Oracle Solutions until the
developmental process or shift in consciousness is complete.



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