The Ascension Oracle

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WINNER: Bronze Award, Metaphysical Category–Living Now Awards
WINNER: Editor’s Pick for Best Oracle Deck–Kindred Spirit Magazine

To support the full expression of your heart, we invite you to discover profound guidance from Nature and Spirit in The Ascension Oracle… our exquisite 30-card deck with guidebook featuring messages for your Soul from the unique flowers we grow at La Vie de la Rose. The Ascension Oracle is designed to offer specific information on new patterns of higher consciousness and how to activate these patterns in your life.

Sample reading from The Ascension Oracle: Magnetism>>

The Ascension Oracle Solutions is the companion flower essence set and is designed to energetically activate the patterns of consciousness articulated in The Ascension Oracle and support their integration within your consciousness over time.

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How to Use The Ascension Oracle 

1. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, balancing and centering yourself.

2. Shuffle the deck of cards.

3. Set an intention to receive the most appropriate message at this time (general or in relation to a specific challenge, goal or issue).

4. Pick a card using your intuition, dowsing and/or muscle checking (kinesiology testing) after cutting or fanning the deck.

5. Sit with the card, communing with the energy of the flower pictured in the photo.

6. If you are using The Ascension Oracle Solutions, take one drop of the flower essence corresponding to the card you drew.

7. Read the message of the card. Contemplate the message and determine how it specifically relates to you and your life situation. You may find it useful to journal and/or discuss the card with a trusted friend and/or spiritual advisor.

8. Decide how to implement the guidance indicated in the card. Make a commitment to follow through.

9. Take the recommended daily dosage of the corresponding flower essence from The Ascension Oracle Solutions until the
developmental process or shift in consciousness is complete.


5 reviews for The Ascension Oracle

  1. Alan Cohen

    This inspired information and these extraordinary products are filled with love, vision, and the intention for healing. I am deeply impressed by the consciousness and care imbued in them. They are highly conducive to healing.
    ~ Alan Cohen, author of A Daily Dose of Sanity

  2. James Wanless

    What a lovely way to start the day – picking a sumptuous flower from this sensuous and spiritual The Ascension Oracle. Not only are the 30 cards classy and colorful, they come with a Guidebook that is beautifully written by Dr. Natalia Schotte, founder of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. Accompanying her eternally wise words, The Ascension Oracle includes actual flower essences that relate to each card. Unlike most oracle decks, this is a true healing experience – healed by the cards, the guidebook and the essences themselves.
    ~ James Wanless, Ph.D., creator of Voyager Tarot and Sustain Yourself Cards

  3. Denise Linn

    Combining oracle card readings with specified flower essences (one formula for each oracle card) is such a creative and inspired method for tuning in. Just simply looking at The Ascension Oracle set, you can feel the intent and care that Natalia put into the deck and the accompanying flower essences.
    ~ Denise Linn, author of Sacred Space

  4. Caroline Sutherland

    If you enjoy oracle cards, you will love The Ascension Oracle cards and companion flower essences. At this time of accelerated growth and change, the cards offer inspiration and comfort and the beautiful essences intuitively selected on a daily basis, offer an anchor to navigate one’s personal “Divine Curriculum” and transcendence.
    ~ Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows – How to Stay Young

  5. Donna Mosher (verified owner)

    I gave several sets of these cards for holiday gifts. Everyone was surprised to discover La Vie de la Rose – and delighted to receive these very special cards. The messages are extraordinary and inspirational.

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