The Spiritual Development Solutions

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Accelerate the spiritual development through which Self-mastery is attained.

The Spiritual Development Solutions activate the deepening and unfoldment of the spiritual practices required for successfully traversing the path of spiritual maturation. They also stimulate and support the development of the spiritual qualities associated with enlightened consciousness and spiritual mastery.

The Spiritual Development Solutions includes:

  • 6 x ½ ounce individually sealed glass flower essence bottles
  • Full-color card describing the purpose of the set, the purpose of each flower essence and application instructions
  • High quality box featuring a full-color photo of a flower from which one of the flower essences in the set is made
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Click photos to learn more about the individual flower essences in this set.

captivationCaptivation – Rose ‘Bewitched’

Soul Statement: I accelerate the fusion of my individuated consciousness with my Soul. I realign my life to reflect my Soul Contract. I strengthen Soul contact during Points of Crisis; when my commitment to my spiritual path is wavering; and/or when I am simply distracted by the outer world.

eternal-truthEternal Truth Revealed – Iris ‘Owlet’

Soul Statement: I receive energetic support for the Spiritual Development Process required to prepare me for a particular spiritual initiation and the initiation itself. I access the clarity and courage required to consciously navigate the Points of Crisis that characterize the initiatory path.

gift-of-godGift of God – Peony ‘Sorbet’

Soul Statement: I experience “miracle consciousness.” I increase my receptivity to Divine Intervention. I develop/maintain an attitude of positive expectancy regardless of external circumstances. I become more aware of the miracles in my life and learn to receive them as required.

lord-buddhaLord Buddha’s Portal – Rose ‘Black Jade’

Soul Statement: I create and maintain the contemplative lifestyle essential to a spiritually focused life. I develop a new spiritual practice or deepen and expand my current one. I maintain Inner Peace regardless of external circumstances.

path-of-beautyPath of Beauty – Rose ‘Seven Sisters’

Soul Statement: I enhance my ability to perceive myself and my experiences through the Soul qualities of Beauty and Love. I transform painful memories, negative self-perceptions and lingering bitterness. I experience expanded spiritual support during difficult “release work.”

spiritual-purificationSpiritual Protection – Weeping Higan Cherry Tree

Soul Statement: I overcome my fears and the defensiveness that emanates from them. I experience the invulnerability of my Soul and know there is nothing to fear and no need for protection. I find courage and strength when the outer world appears threatening and I feel unsafe.



General Dosage Instructions

Take the full set of flower essences one after another in the morning and evening following these steps:

Step 1: Say the name of the flower essence and name of the flower.

Step 2: Take one drop of the flower essence on or under the tongue. For greater effect, take a dropperful (10-12 drops).

Step 3: Say the related Soul Statement (provided above) at least once per day.

Take twice daily until you have finished all the flower essences in the set.

Maintenance and Storage

Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Avoid touching the dropper with your hand and tongue. If you do, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.

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