The Trauma Recovery Solutions & Divine Immanence Combo

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The Trauma Recovery Solutions address the primary wounds experienced by all trauma survivors. They support us to reclaim lost spiritual potential and, thereby, to become more evolved humans—humans capable of experiencing deep sensitivity and empathy, humans who are capable of being nurtured and nurturing, trusting and trustworthy. The Trauma Recovery Solutions also support us to find liberation from oppression and shelter from the storms of life.

To more fully support the spiritual healing of trauma,
Dr. Natalia recommends using The Trauma Recovery Solutions in combination with our new flower essence Divine Immanence.

More about Divine Immanence (Iris ‘Voltage’)

Our deeply imbedded and often unconscious imprints from our religious experiences are the source of our wounded self-perceptions and relationship challenges. Through Spiritual Healing we correct our perception of and heal our relationship with the Divine. We are called to heal the wounds of our religious lifetimes so we can fully experience our union with Soul/Source. As we heal our relationship with the Divine, our relationship with others and ourselves is transformed.


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Awakening Sensitivity - Tulip 'Greenwave'Awakening Sensitivity – Tulip ‘Greenland

I recognize that my capacity to feel and sense has been diminished by trauma. I understand that feeling detached, disconnected, and numb are natural responses to trauma. I release behaviors I use to “feel alive” and reawaken my feelings and Inner Senses. I register my authentic inner experiences, acknowledging abuse and injustice. I recognize when I am being diminished, dishonored, or disrespected. As I learn to experience and honor my authentic feelings, I become sensitive to the feelings of others as well.

Being Nurtured - Rose 'Darlow's Enigma'Being Nurtured – Rose ‘Darlows Enigma

I recognize the absence of nurturing in my childhood. I recognize related experiences of abandonment, abuse and neglect. I grieve the lack of nurturing in my life. I accept the importance of Being Nurtured to the unfoldment of my Inner Self. I receive the gentle support and encouragement of my Soul. I learn to nurture myself and accept nurturing from others. As I am nurtured, I am able to nurture others. In stable, safe and nurturing relationships, I develop inner security and self-love.

Developing Empathy Peony 'Karl Rosenfeld'Developing Empathy – Peony ‘Karl Rosenfield

I acknowledge the traumas of my past as experiences of oppression. I heal my repressed feelings in relation to these traumas. As I heal, I learn to distinguish love from abuse. I grieve the lack of love in my life. I heal my fear and powerlessness in relation to the oppressor. I release my pattern of colluding with (taking the side of) the oppressor. I heal my unhealthy bond with the oppressor. I restore my ability to respond authentically in the face of oppression. I learn to listen to and honor my authentic feelings and the feelings of others. I restore my capacity to hear, understand and compassionately respond to the human Heart.

Finding Liberation Rose Mount Shasta'Finding Liberation – Rose ‘Mount Shasta

I break free of the patterns that keep me in fear of the oppressor. I break free of the patterns that sustain my oppressive behavior toward others and myself. I find the courage to liberate myself from oppression, whether it is generated internally or externally. I learn to recognize oppression in all its forms. I work tirelessly to eradicate oppression from my consciousness and my life. I find liberation through the Freedom of the Soul. 

Restoring Trust - Peony 'Gay Paree'Restoring Trust – Peony ‘Gay Paree

I recognize that the solution to my recurring experiences of betrayal lies within. I choose to heal the imprints of betrayal within my consciousness and the grief and guilt associated with them. As I heal, I learn to trust myself. I choose relationships that are safe and loving. I exercise discernment and wisdom in all aspects of my life. I take responsibility for my part in all my experiences, including our global crisis of trust. I am trusting and trustworthy. 

Taking Shelter - White HibiscusTaking Shelter – Hibiscus ‘Blue River II

I acknowledge, rather than deny, my experiences of fear. When I am frightened by present circumstances, I look within to my past for the source of my fear. I heal the fear associated with imprints from the past. I understand that healing the fear within creates a personal reality in which I feel safe and protected. As I transcend fear, I contribute to the emergence of global peace. I find shelter from the storms of life through spiritual detachment and spiritual transcendence. I am held forever in the arms of Love.

DI 150 x 150Divine Immanence 

I declare I am a Sacred and Holy Being—a direct emanation of Source. I know my body and the Earth as temples of the Divine. I am reverent toward all Life, including myself. I erase the imprints in my consciousness from wounded religious experiences. I release all grievances toward the Divine. I heal my incorrect perceptions of the Divine. I experience the Divine as Immanent. I enter the Hall of Sacredness.


General Dosage Instructions

Take a minimum of one drop of each flower essence on or under the tongue in the morning or before bedtime daily. Take them consecutively (one after another) not simultaneously, e.g., together on a spoon. For greater support, increase the dosage and/or frequency.

Suggested Application Methods

When taking the flower essence, say the name of the flower essence and flower. To participate more fully in the activation of consciousness catalyzed and supported by the flower essence, say its corresponding affirmation. Alternatively, create a personal affirmation that corresponds with the purpose of the flower essence.

Maintaining Your Flower Essences

The flower essences have an indefinite shelf life if kept out of direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. To maintain their purity, avoid touching the dropper, e.g., with hand, tongue. If contamination does occur, rinse the dropper under running water before returning it to the bottle.

2 reviews for The Trauma Recovery Solutions & Divine Immanence Combo

  1. 5 out of 5

    It’s amazing. I’ve been taking the Trauma Recovery Solutions, Divine Immanence and Sexuality for a week, at a higher dose (one third dropper each time and several times a day according to intuition). And traumas and old patterns keep being triggered in a mild way–I feel I’m aware and sensitive enough that I don’t really need dramatic events in life to force me to do my inner work. My fears of being abandoned, rejected, invaded, judged keep being brought to the surface, and I feel yes it’s water, but I know swimming now. I could stay connected to my feelings, own them but not identify with them, not get taken away by them. I clearly know there’s no need to overact to the person and situation which triggers me. I can stay perfectly functional and reasonable in dealing with the situation. I feel empowered. A very important thing I learnt from Natalia is feelings are different from emotions. Feelings require no drama and they don’t harm our daily functions. I’m immensely grateful.

    To be more precise, I always do many things together for my well-being therefore I can never give a scientifically accurate cause-effect relation to any of the methods I’m using. I only know flower essences are helping me in the energetic level. It works better when I have higher awareness. I started using them last year but not continuously because of practical reasons such as financial concern (well if you only take one drop a day it won’t be a big cost but I can’t help going faster) and moving to Europe. Last year it was also working on me, but not as intensely as this time (though I’m taking a lower dose this time). Because now I’m stronger and I know it’s actually safe to dive into the real healing process.

    Though I’m still exploring the most effective way of healing. When I observe a trauma being triggered, the simple accepting observation can reduce its power, but I feel I could go even further to totally remove the root. I’ve been using EFT tapping for about a month and a half and I’m also starting to explore TRE trembling.

    Let’s not make it too long here. Thank you, thank you for offering this gift for the world.

  2. I received my Trauma Recovery flower essences and have been taking them. They are so beautiful in every way. They are indeed alive and sentient and I adore them…This is a divine gift to find these essences to get to the root of recurring traumatic events that I had not fully cleared – thus they kept coming back in different forms and formats. Thank you — even the packaging is just so very beautiful!

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