Production Process

high vibrational flower essences dr Nataleah rose Schotte

Activating, Channeling and Harnessing the
Power of Nature

Through three decades of research and clinical application, Dr. Schotte perfected a process for activating, channeling and harnessing the power of Nature to transform the heart center and liberate the power of the Soul.

La Vie de la Rose’s unique & high vibrational flower essences marries Dr. Schotte’s
frontier understanding of trauma recovery, spirituality and vibrational healing.

Our Flower Essences Hold:

The new Aquarian healing patterns for evolving consciousness

Plants are sentient beings capable of evolutionary progression into perfected form analogous with human evolution to enlightenment. Dr. Schotte developed a proprietary process for maturing flowers into an enlightened state of being. The flower essences of La Vie de la Rose are living luminaries of light with unprecedented healing patterns. Our flowers and the flower essences we produce from them are one of a kind.

Dr. Schotte’s Proprietary
Production Process

Dr. Schotte makes our mother tincture from flowers from the Garden of Love when they are at the peak of their blooming cycle and their potency is strongest. She uses a multi-faceted proprietary production process that generates an alchemical effect involving Nature and Spirit that potentizes our Mother Tincture by increasing its high vibratory rate.

Her partner works with her in this Mother Tincture process. He brings the Sacred Masculine to the process and she brings the Sacred Feminine. Through their sacred marriage, the dynamic of spiritual partnership and the balance of masculine and feminine infuse the energetics of the Mother Tincture. 

high vibrational flower essences dr Nataleah rose Schotte
high vibrational flower essences stabilization process

Stabalization of the Mother Tincture

We age the Mother Tincture we use to make our flower essences for a year and a day: a complete solar cycle. As with wine, aging enhances the Mother Tincture, and it supports stabilization of the healing generated by our flower essences. 

This is an exceptional step used solely by La Vie de la Rose.